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June Pelo
04-12-07, 16:44
Here's an interesting bit of history:



04-12-07, 21:55

My uncle Runar was engaged in the Lapland War. I found one of his old pictures from the war. Runar is 2nd from the right. The picture is from Petsamo.


05-12-07, 07:23
Thanks for the web site of Lapland Wars. I am going to bed and copied it off to read on this cold MN. nite Going to see -15 with -25 wind chills. So blow some heat up to MN from Florida
thanks Lori

June Pelo
05-12-07, 19:36

I've had a lot of requests to send some heat up your way. I would send it if I could! The news just said another storm is headed for the midwest :(

June :)

06-12-07, 08:28
Hi June
I guess its the thought that counts. Thanks for the web site because if it stay -20 to -30 I am going to need reading material and alot of your Ole and Lena jokes to make it thru all that cold. I get Ole and Lena jokes from you and forward them to people I know and they just love them. How can I send you joke from the great north
Lori------------Stay cool!!!!!!!!!!!

08-12-07, 06:15
Thanks June. :)

I love reading these various articles.