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06-03-08, 21:42
My Mother found an envelope of pictures. Sadly most are not marked or only have a name or country.

Example - I have a set of pictures that just say "Doris, Finland" - now I have a Doris in my list, right time but no one knows if it is the right Doris - I think she, her husband or the kids might still be alive so I don't want to post the picture.

But this picture, just says Finland, I am sure that it is my Grandmother on the left - Edit Snabb but I don't know who the other 2 ladies are and why they are in the same dress.

Could it be some sort of school uniform?

Kaj Granlund
15-03-08, 17:30
There have never been any school uniforms in Finland. But my suggestion is that these dresses are made during a period when there were great difficulties to buy fabric and that the family was able to find and buy enough fabric for all the females in the family. Could that pic be about 60 years old then it might explaine the shortage of fabric during or after the WWII. The two at the left are younger probably sisters and the one at the right older, their mother?

17-03-08, 20:35
It would have to have been taken in the early 1920's as my Grandma came to Canada around 1928/29

She did have 3 older sisters, but of the 2 that I have pictures of, it doesn't look like them and her Mom died in 1909.

I guess it will just be another Family mystery. :(

thanks for the suggestions.


Kaj Granlund
18-03-08, 07:26
Might be a mystery now but doesn't have to stay that way. My grandmother had a lot of old pictures too. Some of them she recognized some not. "Theya re too old" she said. and we did think they were to stay a mystery. But some years ago as I got in contact with a 5th cousin he sent me some pics telling me who the people were. And the mystery was solved. You do not have any living relatives in Finland in that area that you could send the pic to and ask. There is probably a copy of the same pic somewhere here too.

18-03-08, 15:25
I did send it to my cousins and they did not recognize anyone in it - not even my Grandma, my Mother might be wrong that it is even her, but it does look like her.

I have attached a picture of her when she first arrive in Canada - the face looks the same to me.

Kaj Granlund
19-03-08, 07:36
I do agree the faces look similar.

10-09-08, 20:41
Well, I heard from one of my cousins who showed this picture to someone who said they recognized the picture!!!

The one on the left is my Grandma - Edith Snabb
Then Hilda Forsman (my Grandma's Aunt)
The Emerentia Forsman (who was the Step-Mother of my Grandma's Mother - Lena Forsman)