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17-03-08, 16:02
http://www.aijaa.com/img/b/00800/1771564.jpg (http://www.aijaa.com/v.php?i=1771564.jpg)

http://www.aijaa.com/img/b/00908/1771570.jpg (http://www.aijaa.com/v.php?i=1771570.jpg)

I have this photo, I even dont know is this taken at Usa.

If anyone can say anything about the photo, please say =)

17-03-08, 17:23
Hello again Kipo,

I can say something little about the photo, I don't know how important it is though :confused: but I thought I must say it anyway!

I have a photo of my cousin I was telling you about who was a mystery in America too. I am adding the back of her photo here to show you, it is the exact same back as your one. Everything. Her photo was taken in 1914 in Peabody, Massachusetts, USA.
So, maybe this is nonsense but could we say that your photo was taken in the USA because the back of the photos are the same style?

17-03-08, 18:23
OMG :eek:

Picture doesn´t open to me. Let´s see, maybe you should show my picture to your cousin? Didn´t you say that he knows how to use email? I´m really excited!

Are you finnish speaking? Please send me private message if you are :D

Karen Norwillo
17-03-08, 18:37
Ayla and Kipo. Postcard photos were very common all over the US at one time. Unless it had some identifying address or inscription on it, it will be hard to tell where it's from. I have some from MI and PA.

17-03-08, 18:40
Karen: Oops, I thought that Ayla meaned same backround in the front of the photo :( I should read better =)

17-03-08, 18:43
Sabinas passenger records at Finland tells that the destination was Worcester, so maybe I should think that she lived at MA...

17-03-08, 19:18
:) you see, I told you I was a newbie! :))

At least we can...or can we.... safely assume that the pic was taken in America? Kipo wasn't sure if it was or not, so this would narrow it down a lot wouldnt it :D :D

I think Massachusetts would be a great place to start.

17-03-08, 19:26
Well, right now I have many peole who help me, so I can tell them that concentrate to MA. :D I

Btw, I know about that card that it is Kodak Professional AZO -paper and that paper has maked at 1904-1918. And age of the woman in the picture is about right, Sabina was born at 1889. But who are they, is this Sabina with her husband...I dont know. :D

Yes, thats good news that picture (?) is from USA. Thats forward. I have about 200 familypictures and this is only different picture.

17-03-08, 19:32
You see, every little bit of information helps :)

Maybe it is an engagement photo ;) Who knows....but it will be fun to find out!

BTW I forgot to say that I really can't speak Finnish, well, a little bit. :)

but not enough to write! I am working on it though ;)

Karen Norwillo
17-03-08, 19:35
Do you have her father's first name? Maybe she used her patronymic in the US. Karen

17-03-08, 19:42
He was Elias Juhonpoika (Johansson) Päivikkö and mother was Maria Sofia Samuelintytär (Samuelsdr) (maiden name Hautamäki) There are also names Kesti and Ruostetniemi near.

Jaska Sarell
17-03-08, 20:04
That same Kodak paper with preprinted address fields may have been used all over the world :(
At least in 70's when I made postcard size copies of my B/W negatives, the paper had address lines preprinted.

:) Jaska

17-03-08, 20:15
Jep. I hope that this is from Usa, chair and womens hairstyle,clothes and the wall behind looks the same as few pictures what i have seen at genealogy pictures (Usa)

There is a ring at right hand (?), at Finland engagement ring is at left hand. Atleast nowadays...

17-03-08, 20:49
Did she have another given name. Sabina or Sabine doesn't give much in Ancestry... Neither in 1910, -20 nor the 1930 census. Not at least combined with the immigration date or birthplace Finland/Russia.

All names of the person would perhaps give some more clues...


17-03-08, 21:05
Sabina was her only first name. :rolleyes:

Karen Norwillo
18-03-08, 00:23
I looked up the history of the photo postcard. About 1901 in US, the back of the card was only for address. The divided back for address and message came to the US in 1907. Was in other countries before that. By 1908 over 675,000 were sent in the US. During WWI, the pictures began to have white borders to save money. Eastman Kodak entered the postcard business in 1906
The dress of the couple looks circa 1890-1910.

18-03-08, 10:28
Wow Karen! You are amazing!
That is so useful to know, thank you so much, this thread is helping me too!