View Full Version : Police Officer in Duluth, MN

18-04-08, 08:08
I have no clue who this man is!? Or how to find out.

Karen Norwillo
18-04-08, 15:46
It might be possible to contact the police department in Duluth. They probably have some sort of archives with lists of all their policemen. The 29 is probably his precint number. Here are some possible resources. Northeast MN Historical Center
University of MN Duluth L270 416 Liberty Drive Duluth, MN 55812-3001 email tambrosi*umn.edu. Also, Police Dept Gordon Ramsay, Chief City Hall 411 W 1st St Rm 104 Duluth, MN 55802 or email gramsay*duluthmn.gov. If you do, I would enclose a copy of the photo. Good luck. What a treasure of a photo. Karen

Alice Finnerty
22-04-08, 02:52
What a great photo...if you find out please let us know....:)

23-04-08, 08:21
Thank you both so much. Karen you are a book of outstanding resources.