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18-04-08, 11:02
June forwarded the message and picture - sent in by Ove Storwall, Jakobstad

"It is taken in New York, probably in 1929 and I think it is a so called Runeberg Orden meeting in the 4; th July. Meny of the men seem to have some kind of medals on there chests, perhaps they have got them the same day, who knows. The big man standing far to the right is Verner Bredbacka and the little boy sitting in the sand in the front is (my uncle) Ralf Bredbacka, born 1925. Perhaps you recognize some of the people at the photo. The man standing next to Verner is Oscar Palm from Nedervetil Finland (the same village that June Pelos family is from) and the little girl in front of him is Saga Palm, born 1925. Saga and Ralf are still alive and Saga also know many of the people at the picture but I have not had the chance to talk with her about it. She lives in Kokkola (Karleby)..."

17-01-10, 05:13
I looked at this picture and do not see anyone familiar.

I have found that a Walter Holstrom was the 1st presedent of the Runeberg Lodge 201 in Brooklyn. This most likely was my grandfather Walter Holstrom (aka in Finland as: Werner Holmström) who lived in Brooklyn at the time. I also see a Victor Holmström with the Medical Relief Society Greater New York in 1906. This is most likely my grandfather's brother.

All this information is found at


If anyone had information on the Runeberg Lodge 201 in Brooklyn NY I would apprieciate it greatly.