View Full Version : Lindbom / Linbom photo Osage, Minnesota

17-06-08, 23:15
Hi, Becker County, Minnesota request here.

This is a photo of people I believe to be the family of one of my Minnesota cousin's wife, Sylvia. I don't know if her maiden name was spelled Linbom or Lindbom.

One the back it says "Gus Linbom (sp?) family, Sylvia's uncle.
Signe Eleanor & Ralph"

My Dad's cousin Henry Kivinen was married to Sylvia Linbom / Lindbom.

It would be nice if someone could find out if family is still in the Osage area. I found reference on the internet to potential family still living near Toad Lake, and recall visiting Toad Lake in 1966. I believe it isn't too far from Wolf Lake.

I'd love to send this if anyone is interested.


23-07-08, 23:00
Well, I was fortunate.

I found some photos of a Harvala family in Minnesota. Looked him up on Google, and spoke on the telephone.

After a few minutes, we started rattling off names of families that we were connected to.

As it turns out, he is in contact with the widow of one of my 1st cousin's once removed, and I can now mail this and other photos to Sylvia (Lindbom) Kivinen.

Just as an odd coincidence, a different cousin was going through family photos, and sent some to me via e-mail to help identify them, and this same Lindbom family had different photos in her bunch... she has sent to me, and now I'm mailing off to Minnesota.