View Full Version : Mystery Family Pictures

23-08-08, 03:24
My Mother showed me a box of old photos (both Swedish & Finnish) that she had, some were marked, others not. This is a group of ones that were just marked Finland on the back.

I believe that the couple being married are the same couple with the boys a few years later.

The group of 3 young men - I don't know if they are brothers or just friends, it was paper-clipped with the first two pictures.

The picture of the soliders was taken in Vaasa - unfortunately my Mother did not let me keep the originals, so I don't have the name right now, but it was on cardboard and had a inprinted on the bottom that said Vaasa, Finland

Anyone recognize anyone??

06-07-09, 18:51
get the original back from your ma and make a close up of the cap badge that is easiest to see.
good luck