View Full Version : Unknown people in the US and Finland

07-09-08, 12:54
The first picture was taken in Brainerd, Minnesota around 1884-1888. I don't know who they are; only the photographer's logo (McCall) is on the back.

The second and third are of soldiers. The second is of unknown origin, printed on metal. The third is from Wasa. Can anything be said for which company they belonged to, when this might have been?

The fourth is from the same album as the three above, taken in Kristinestad. I have several pictures of this unknown girl/young woman.

06-07-09, 18:46
if you can make enlargements of the cap bad of the guy on the right,
and enlargement of one of the belt buckles, that could help...as to the tintype, it is an early format but I have a similar format from 1948 :) so if the same guys in uniform, probably the mid 1800s - the cap badge at present does not seem to be of the czar's army so maybe some info there..
good luck