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15-03-09, 20:59
This picture says Grandma & Grandpa Anderson, but I don't know the first names. They are my husband's grandparents. No one knows their names, all of the siblings are deceased. All I know is that Grandpa was born in Finland in 1879. Any one recognize them?

15-03-09, 21:06
I guess I didn't get the picture on , sorry, I'll try again.

16-03-09, 03:03

Once you get this photo posted, was this his father's parents or his mother's parents?

You'll also want to post the names of the siblings.

Where did these grandparents live in later and in earlier life?

All of that will be necessary to get anywhere with this, once you post the photo.

Are they the "Jorkinen" that you mention in your profile?

16-03-09, 05:48
I guess I didn't get the picture on , sorry, I'll try again.


Try to check that the picture is
stored as a jpg formatted picture with the extension .jpg
of a reasonable physical size, for example 600x600 pixels
of a reasonable size in kB, ie. not at least exceeding 1,3 MB (more something like below 400kB)
(some browsers seem to forget the path to the attached picture if using the preview before posting the message)Then after posting the picture will be visible when it has been checked against possible viral infections.

17-03-09, 00:11
I just can't get the picture to upload. I'm not very computer savvy, so I asked my daughter to register on The Finlander Forum and post the photo for me because I had no problem sending it to her in an email, {go figure} LOL After she does that I will post the names, The problem is I am not sure of names until I receive documents I am waiting for. I've been told that the surname in Finland was Jorkinen, but that could be wrong. I know basically nothing about my husband's family. The photo would be my husband's paternal grandparents. They are buried in the Shaw Cemetery in the Anderson family plot. I will know more when I get records.
Bonita--Thanks for helping, my daughter should register soon.

17-03-09, 15:16
Here is the picture Bonita 420 wanted to post.

17-03-09, 18:52
Thanks to my daughter the picture is posted! All I know right now is the names Matt and Lytti Anderson. The letter I have says that the last name in Finland was Jorkinen {maybe spelled different as the writing is hard to read} and Matt left a brother in Finland named John Jorkenen.{I can't tell if it is with an i or an e.} Matt came here in 1905. In the 1930 census he was living in St. Louis County, MN in Cotton. I am still waiting for naturalization papers.Matt was born in 1879 or 1878, I'm not quite sure.
I thought that maybe someone might recognize the picture if I posted it.
I'll post more info when I get it.

Karen Norwillo
17-03-09, 22:24
Do you have all the census images for Matt and Lydia Maria? I found them in 1910-1920-1930, all St Louis county, 1920-30 in Cotton, 1910 in Duluth. Looks like they had a huge family. First two born in MI, Elmer and Eino, rest in MN, Helen, Hulda, Sulo, Vilpas, Henry, Mirjam, Fred and Victor. On the MN Birth Index, Vilpas Carlo 13 Feb 1915, St Louis, mmn Linna. Mirjam Lydia, 25 Sep 1918, same place, same mmn. Victor Arvid 11 Nov 1922 St Luis. There are so many Anderson births on the index, it's hard to tell which belong to that family.

17-03-09, 23:49
Hi Karen,
Yes I have most of that information. I was unaware of Eino and Elmer. That makes 10 children! Now if I can find out if Matt had siblings and where he was born I would be happy. I'm still waiting for records.
Thank you!!