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Wayne Ohlsson
17-06-09, 00:56
I'm trying to help a friend trace her Wallila ancestors - any help would be greatly appreciated - here is the information I have currently:

GUST WALLILA (1864-9/6/1925) born in Finland and came to U.S. in 1890. His wife Elisabeth (12/23/1860-10/17/1916), daughter of John Saari was born in Finland and came to U.S. in 1892 with sons Julius, Emil and possibly John. It is not known where in Finland they were born, married, port of emigration (possible Vaasa Laani) nor port of immigration in North America. It is presumed that they may have gone through Canada, perhaps crossing into the U.S. at Sault Ste. Marie, Canada and Michigan or via Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Insofar as possible, U.S church and census records have been checked.

They were in Jacobsville, Keweenaw, Michigan in 1895.

The 1900 census (Torch Lake, Michigan) indicated they had been married for 13 years (ca 1887), motherís pregnancies as 10 with 5 living, but it is also not known as to whether she had been married to someone else before she wed Gust Wallila.

The 1910 census (Allouez, Michigan) shows there was one more child born and died to this couple, making the total pregnancies for the mother as 14 with 6 living children.

In 1910-11 the family moved to Phelps, Vilas County, Wisconsin.

The children were:

1. Julius (5/28/1889-7/31/55) born in Finland, died at VA Hospital in Iron Mountain, Michigan. It is assumed that the one listed as John, age 20 years in 1910 was Julius, but not proven. Perhaps he was not in the home in 1910 and John moved away in 1900? If so, then John would be the sixth child and born about 1890 in Finland. Julius moved to Iron River, Michigan where he married Anna Wienamaki, daughter of Matt and Mary Wienamaki. He died without any known children.

2. E(mil) Alexander aka Emil (1889-1918) was born in Vimpeli??, Finland. He was in Torch Lake, Michigan in the 1900 census and Allouez, Michigan in 1910 census. Itís assumed he moved to Phelps, Wisconsin in 1910-11 with his family. He married Emma Jaaska, daughter of Mats and Susana (Persi) Jaaska , in Phelps, Wisconsin on 6-10-1913. They both died of the Spanish flu in 1918. He was buried 12/27/1918 in Lot #319B3. We have had no luck in finding which cemetery. It is thought they were in Iron River, Michigan when they died, but we havenít been able to verify that.

There were three known children:

Walter Emil Wallila (2/10/1914-5/20/2000) born in Phelps, Wisconsin and died in Iron River, Michigan. He was the foster son of Mary and Emil Helgemo. He legally changed his name to Helgemo on February 23, 1949.

Viola Bertha (Wallila) Gervais (12/3/1916-????). Her birth certificate was changed to show Gervais, not Wallila. She was adopted by Ada (Helgemo) Gervais and Emil J. Gervais.

Charles Sivert Wallila (known as Carl) (2/20/1915-11/3/1996) . He was born and died in Phelps, Wisconsin. He was adopted by Elverson.

3. S(evart) Oskar aka Oskar (1893-??) . Seward Wallila was listed in the 1912 Ironwood, Michigan paper as a miner, residing at 918 E. Ayer. An Oskar Vallila was in Mayger, Oregon in 1926 but it is not known if this was the same person.

4. Lillian (10/5/1895-10/25/1918) born in Jacobsville, Michigan and died in Phelps, Wisconsin from Spanish flu. She married Jaakko Parkkihauta (1887-1915) on 10/27/1915 in Phelps, Wisconsin. She was widowed when she died. We have no info on where or when her husband died. (He was married with Emma Maria Jacobsdr Kekolahti 1909. Emma moved 1910 to America and died 1910).

5. George (4/5/1897-11/15/1959) was born in Torch Lake, Michigan and died in San Francisco, San Francisco County, California.

6. Lambie M. (1/26/1894-???) was born in Torch Lake, Michigan. We donít have any records of her death, but assume she died as an infant.

June Pelo
18-06-09, 00:36
I have an Alexander Henriksson Wallila who married 1889 in Vetil, Finland to Anna Lisa Andersdotter Alberg, and they had a daughter Emma, b. 1890 in Vetil. She married Oscar Penttilš and they lived in Montana. They had a son Oscar, b 1907, who married Lillian Koski; they had a son Wally, b. 1984 in Billings, MT.

18-06-09, 22:01
Are you sure about that last birthdate?

June Pelo
18-06-09, 23:45
That was a typo - should have said he died in 1984. :)

19-06-09, 00:26
Thank goodness... scared me for a bit!:D