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18-06-09, 01:54
Would someone please tell me what Maria's Last Name (or patronymic) is, please. I am not able to decipher it but I am sure someone here would recognize it immediately.

Also, I'm trying to find information on Juho's and Maria's parents and siblings. HisKi does not have the date ranges I need.

Juho's father's name is Joseph and his mother's name is Mary. Juho moved to America in 1900. That's all I know.

According to Maria's obituary, she had one sister in Iron River, Michigan (which I'm currently following up on) and one brother (unnamed) in Finland. I do not know her parent's names. She moved to America in 1902.

I'd appreciate any leads you find.

Joanne Morehouse

Karen Norwillo
18-06-09, 15:06
I checked FFHA, the Finland Archives, which has births in Jalasjärvi to 1882. Found a 18 Nov 1882 birth for a Maria Elisabeth to Johan Matinpoika Välimäki and Kaisa Serafia Johanstytär. The site is in Finnish, but my handy dictionary pointed me to the correct month. I know Hiski doesn't go to this far, but there are lots of Välimäki in earlier years.

Karen Norwillo
18-06-09, 19:16
I also found the birth record of Juho, Johannes, Kirkkomäki on 6 June 1880 in Karvia. Parents Joosef? Antinpoika Kirkkomäki and Anna Liisa Antintytär Hummala or Hummila. So Josef's father was Anders or Andrew or Antti, all the same and mother Anna Liisa's father was also named Antti etc. May help in tracing backwards.

18-06-09, 22:11
The patronym looks like Lahdensuu. From lahti [bay] and suu [mouth] mouth of the bay - likely a farm name.

But it can't be, because they have spelled it "Lähdensuu", and even a poor speller would not make that kind of a mistake [I think]. But then again, this is in North America, right?

Good luck.

18-06-09, 22:24
If I've guessed at the correct surname, here are the only marriages with a man by that name, at the parish in which she was born:

Married Village Farm Man Wife Village Farm

26.9.1864 Jämijärvi by Torpare drengen Johan Mattsson Lahdensuu Torpare enkan dersammastädes Greta Lisa Isaksdotter Lahdensuu Jämijärvi by [note: probably too old of a marriage to be Maria's parents]

26.12.1881 Torp. p. Juha Nestor Juh.p. Lahdensuu Anntilan? piika Mathilda Juhantyt. <<<<[This would be my likely guess]

14.7.1883 Jämijärven kylästä Torp.p. leskimies Juho Matinp. Lahdensuu Itt. leskivaimo Greta Liisa Esaiaks.t. Myllyhalme Jämijärven kylästä

Karen Norwillo
18-06-09, 22:48
Here is the birth record for Maria in 1882 in Jalasjärvi.

19-06-09, 01:04
Thank you Karen and Ilmari. I appreciate your help and I'm thrilled to have the leads.

19-06-09, 01:12

I'm not sure if my posts were accurate, given the info that Karen has provided.