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Wes Hakanen
19-06-09, 17:22
I would like to become a member of the Swedish Finn Historical Society. I tried to submit my name via the net but got error messages. I read a 2003 copy of the Quarterly on line and was wondering how to get more current copies. Can anyone give me some information for how to become a member and recieve the Quarterly publication? Thanks, Wes H.

19-06-09, 19:24

Their mailing address is:

The Swedish Finn Historical Society
P.O. Box 17264
Seattle, WA 98127-0964

Membership fees for 1 year are:

Individual: $25 US/EU
Senior (65+) / Student: $20 US/EU
Family (one address): $30 US/EU
Patron: $50 US/EU
Business: $100 US/EU
Life Member: $ 500 US/EU

Just send payment along with the form you can print off of the website or just send them your Name Address Telepnone info and if you can provide them at least the names of the ones that emigrated from the old country that is very nice too.

Good luck!:)

June Pelo
19-06-09, 21:27

SFHS has moved to 1920 Dexter Avenue, North, Seattle, WA 98109
Phone 206-706-0738 email: sfhs*qwest.net If you call them, or contact them by mail, they'll send you a free copy of the Quarterly. Here is the membership application attached. You can also order back issues of the Quarterly.

19-06-09, 21:38
Thanks June.

I knew they had moved, but I wrongly assumed they'd keep the p.o. box.

That's what I get for assuming.:o

Wes Hakanen
20-06-09, 04:01
Thank you, June and Ilmari for the SFHS info. I will put together info on my relatives who emigrated from Finland and send it with the application. Best regards, Wes H.