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22-06-09, 19:27
I am trying to assist a person looking for Petter, or Pekka,Koskinen, who emigrated to USA between 1915 and 1920. He was born 2/16/1878 in Gamlakarleby, Finland. He may also have used the surnames of Kivelä or Ahlbäck. I have searched all of our known resources without success. Please contact me at sfhs*qwest.net if you can help. Thankyou.

Beverly Nylund Huchala

June Pelo
22-06-09, 21:56
A month ago someone named Sallys posted this same query and I told him I have all the family information if he wants it. He doesn't think it is the correct family, but I'm sure it is. It contains all the names he is seeking. He didn't ask for the data. Anyway, I have contacted Beverly at SFHS about this. And I also would like to hear from Sallys re his query for Wallila. I am in contact with someone who is searching for the same Wallila family and he'd like to contact Sallys about it.

Karen Norwillo
22-06-09, 22:38
Could this possibly be the Peter Koskinen? I found a Petteri Koskinen arriving 14 Feb 1916 from Stavanger, Norway. Says he's from Finland. Wife Maria Koskinen at home in Kokkolan ? Kokkola or Gamlakarleby. Ancestry and Ellis Island have the name interpreted wrong, but the writing is rather fancy script and it looks like Koskinen to me. He is going to a cousin Hanna Lindqvist in Astoria, Long Island, NY. Line 14
BTW, LDS has his date of birth as 16 July 1878, not February. Says Petter Antinpoika Koskinen-Pirttikoski
16 Jul 1878 Veteli, Vaasa, Finland
married Maria Catherina Hallbäck on 30 Oct 1904. She born 6 Sep 1865 in Karleby and died 5 Sep 1918. No place.

June Pelo
22-06-09, 23:59
Yes, Karen, that is the family. And you're correct about his birthdate - it is July 16, 1878 in Vetil. Hasse Andtbacka has replied that he is related. I think Pia has contacted him.

Karen Norwillo
23-06-09, 01:54
Good. I thought we had done this before. Glad to see I'm not losing it, at least not totally.