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June Pelo
05-08-09, 22:33
I have a request for help as follows: (I have Anders Fogel- Skytte and Lovisa Sunabacka in my data, but only have info. on 2 children out of 9. I show Oskar was born 26 Jan 1881, Terjärv.)

I am trying to find some information on one of my grandmothers brothers who came to Elli Island on Jan 1 of 1905. he was single at the time . His name was August Skytte, He came over on the Cedric from Liverpool England, He was born 10 Dec 1886. From there on we know very little about him. I was told that around 1917 he moved to Canada to get away from the draft in the USA. Where he lived in the U.S. before then I have no idea. I was wondering if you or one of your friends could find his trail for us. August Skytte was born in Terjarv, Finland to Anders Gustaf Fogel -Skytte and Lovisa andersdr Sunnabacka .
There were four members of my grandmothers family that came to America . My grandmother Emma Anders Gustafsdr Fogel- Skytte Herlevi came over in March of 1900 with her husband Josef Herlevi Through Ontario Canada. Her brother Osker came over 21 April 1900 he came through Ellis Island on the St. Paul, He died in America 16 Nov 1901 No idea where that was. The last location I found where he lived was in Coos Bay Oregon. Matt Leander Skytte died in Toronto Canada 22 May 1975 he was married to a Anna Sofia Hamalainen in Kymi Finland around Sept 1920 and then they came to Canada around 1920 , His wife died 5 Nov 1970 in Toronto, Canada.