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06-08-09, 23:20
Promise that this time I will get the correct dates! This time I am looking for a Jons Pahvalsson who owned 12 units of land 1550-1558 and 15 units of land from 1570-1580. Supposedly this came from tax records, but again I am at a loss as to where this information came from. I am essentially backtracking a document typed by a cousin of grandmother's. I am not sure where he obtained the information, but the leads I have traced thus far have proven reliable. Also he had a brother Rasmus Pahvalsson who owned 15 units of land from 1563-1569. They were both born Pavall, Ytteresse. They were both husbonders. Then it skips around a bit about son in laws and not sure how Erich Marcusson is related to these two, but he was born in 1567, on an assessment list from 1617-1637. His two children Marten Ersson (spelling?) and Marcus, born in 1608 in Rotelangd and died in 1670. From there on out it has been pretty clear, but wondering if anyone has information on the Pahvalsson. Thank you for your time and attention.


June Pelo
07-08-09, 00:40
Could you be referring to Påfwal Rasmusson Påvals, b. about 1550 who had sons Rasmus, b. 1582, d. 1679, and Carl, b. ca 1600. Rasmus married twice: #1 Brita Staffansdotter, d. 1671 and they had children Carl, b. ca 1622 and Lisa. Lisa married Hans Abbors. His second wife was Gertrud Larsdotter, 1635-1697. Information about Rasmus can be found in "Befolkning i Jakobstad", and in SoB#34, page 59.

07-08-09, 13:52
This a good possiblity. I didn't have much clear information other than a few dates and names. Can you please explain where you obtained this information? I am not familar with the reference that you made. Thank you for your time and attention.

Karina Pierce

June Pelo
07-08-09, 17:15
"Befolkningen i Jakobstad 1653-1714", by Leo Nyholm - a book issued by Genealogiska Samfundet i Finland, contains data about some of the early families in and around Jakobstad.

SoB refers to Släkt och Bygd registers of Jakobstadsnejdens Släkt- och Bygdeforskare - an index can be found online: http://www.genealogia.fi/stutkyh/isb/innehll.htm (Not sure if this is current)

There could be information also on the website of the Genealogical Society of Finland. http://www.genealogia.fi

K-G Molander
10-08-09, 06:43
Try this link: