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Karen Norwillo
11-08-09, 20:06
I am looking for the date of death of Caisa Greta Johansdotter Wörgren, born 20 Nov 1815 in Vörå. She married widower Matts Jacobsson Peth on 2 Aug 1835 in Vörå. He died in Rekipeldo, Vörå, but I can't find a date of death for her. Hiski stops at 1850 for deaths. In 1855, she is not found on the Peth farm in Rekipeldo. There is a widow, but her name is Anna. Any help appreciated.

12-08-09, 13:30
Hej Karen!
You must be looking for Kajsa Greta Lisasdotter (later Johansdotter), born Molander. The date of birth matches.
Her husband Matts Jakobsson died on June 29 1865 and Kajsa Greta Feb 16 1881, both on Peth farm in Rejpelt (Rekipeldo).

Karen Norwillo
12-08-09, 18:53
Thank you, Torbjörn. I had forgotten that she was born Molander. That helps me alot. Good to hear from you. It's been awhile.