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11-08-09, 20:17
"The 18th Century Came to Närpes" was the headline of a news story reprinted in "Norden" from "Syd-Österbotten:"

"Närpes received a celebrated visitor on July 7. It was Pehr Kalm(1716-1779) himself who visited the city and showed the people of Närpes what the spirit of life was like in the 18th century.

"Pehr Kalm was a botanist, priest, and economist with roots in Närpes and Korsnäs. He was portrayed this time by Börje Lång. Together with Hans Hästbacka, he led a nature tour of people from Närpes, pointing out the local vegetation, trees, berries and bushes, desribing the local species.

"As is known, Pehr Kalm did the same during his visit to North America.

"After the tour, it was time for an 18th century-styled church visit. Following services, the congregation offered a dinner with fresh herring from Nämpnäs, smoked lamb, homemade ryebread, homechurned butter, creamed rhubarb... and "tappa dreck"--a homemade malt beverage. The event continued through the night with music and dance."

It appears to me that some things don't change--in Närpes people are interested in nature and good food!

11-08-09, 21:31
Oh, and they are quite well known for their "very interesting" accent!

11-08-09, 22:08
It is really a distinct dialect and not just an accent! It has is own vocabulary with words like "hittje" = this and "gröbbo" = girl. The people in Närpes are proud of their dialect which I believe now is as strong as ever.


12-08-09, 02:56
Yes, I'm sorry that I didn't state that correctly.

12-08-09, 15:39
By some quirk, some delicacies from the "kyrkomiddag" in Närpes were omitted in my translation: They also ate some smoked whitefish (sik) and some turnips (rovor).

Of course, they spoke a pre-immigration version of the Närpes dialect, a language that retained archaic gender endings. So, gröbbo should have been gröbbon!