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12-08-09, 21:21
I am searching for info on Johan Stor born Vasa, Finland May 4, 1869. He emigrated to Michigan, USA 1890 apparently to stay with a brother Charles Soderman. His mother might have been Kaisa Soderman. He changed his name to John Storey when he arrived in America. He apparently had many trades when he arrived. He eventually moved to Saskatchewan Canada.
He married Christina Johnson (?Greta Stina Johanson from Petalax, Finland. They had 13 children - the youngest was my mother. So far that is all the info I have.

June Pelo
12-08-09, 22:36
I tried to find him in Hiski and Talko, but had no luck. The Stor or Story name didn't appear. Maybe someone can find him in Ellis Island or Canadian records.

13-08-09, 00:53
I found his name (Johan Stor) when he landed in the USA. He used this name then changed it to John Storey. He was born in Vasa & I don't know if there is any other spelling of Johan Stor - I can't find him anywhere.

June Pelo
13-08-09, 01:17
There are also Stoor, Store, Storå. There are different ways to pronounce these names. Since he changed it to Storey, it's possible that someone thought the 'e' in Store should be pronounced, making it Storey. There was a city of Vasa, as well as what was known as the county of Vasa, which covered a lot of towns and villages. So he could have come from many places in Österbotten and not just the city of Vasa.

I noticed Söderman names in Pedersöre, Nykarleby, Esse, Pörtom, as well as other parishes.

Do you have any documents, passport, old Bible, etc. that would indicate his patronymic - father's first name. Any indication of names on a death record? Do you know where he died? Did he land at Ellis Island, or ??? Have you found a naturalization record for him? Did he marry in Finland or US? Any information on the marriage record? Any little bit of info. could be a clue.

Karen Norwillo
13-08-09, 20:41
Here's your Johan on a Michigan Passenger and Crew Lists 1903-1965 arriving 24 Nov 1909 at Saulte Saint Marie, MI. From Ancestry.com. Ignore the second card on the right. No idea what or whose that is.

14-08-09, 02:14
I checked my info again & he was from Portom Vasa Lan, Finland. I just put Vasa as I was told Portom was a port. He died in Sask. Canada 1941. I can't find a marriage certificate but he was married in Sault St. Marie Michigan USA, Nov. 7, 1892. He apparently emigrated to Michigan 1890.
I record states his mother as Kate Soderman from Portom Vasa Lan, Finland
I didn't find anything in Ellis Island.
Sorry I don't have anymore info - he seems to be a mystery. There are many border crossings from USA to Canada & many of his children were born in USA.

14-08-09, 05:20
wrong thread.

June Pelo
14-08-09, 21:16
Talko database has only one Johan b. 1869 in Pörtom:

Johannes Johansson, b. 23 Feb 1869, son of Johan Erik Johan-Eriksson Söderman (Sten) and Kaisa Andersdotter Dunder- Söderman. He married Johanna Andersdotter Syrén and they had a son Johannes Johansson Söderman, 1890-1945.

HisKi records for Pörtom don't cover 1869.

It appears Johan Stor was born in Pörtom, based on the record Karen found - and it shows his mother as Kaisa Söderman. He didn't come through Ellis Island, but through Sault Ste. Marie in 1909. If he married in there in 1892 then he must have been in the city before 1909 at one time.