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I've been trying to work the ancestry from Prince Willem-Alexander of Orange-Nassau b.1967 through his father, Prince Claus of the Netherlands b.1926 (married to Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands) to eventually end up with Eva Horn b.1653 and then I can make the connection to the Kurck/Kurki families. Does anyone have this lineage from Prince Claus of the Netherlands to Eva Horn? The following is from Answers.com http://www.answers.com/topic/kurki-of-laukko

"The current heir-apparent of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Willem-Alexander (born 1967), Prince of Orange, descends paternally, through a female line, after 500 years, from each of the three above-mentioned Finnish families of Kurck. This is because one ancestress of Willem-Alexander has been countess Eva Horn (1653-1740), wife of Reichsgraf Nicholas Bielke, lord of the Finnish barony of Korpo, and daughter of the Finnish field marshal Gustav Horn (1592-1657), Count of Pori, the Lord High Constable of Sweden. The Horn counts of Pori, Finland descend, through the Porvoo-originated owners of the manor of Sydänmaa, from a daughter of the abovementioned lady Elin Klasdotter, heiress of the Kurck of Laukko, and her husband lawspeaker Knut Eriksson. Lady Elin, as explained above, descended from the medieval Kurck of Laukko family and from the Kurck of Niemenpää family (and was their heiress), and of course all her descendants so descend too."

I just need to figure out which female lineage leads from Eva Horn (daughter of Gustav Horn) to Prince Willem-Alexander. I don't expect the total lineage as I can figure that out myself. I'm just getting confused...


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Lauri Kiviniemi has Gustaf Horn by descendants but not just Evas


would also be interesting to follow this path

Ancestor path

Table _______
Gustaf Carl Henriksson Horn af Björneborg ( af Kanckas ), b. 22.10.1592 , d. 10.5.1657

Table _______
Carl Henriksson Horn af Kanckas, b. 1550 , d. 16.5.1601
Agnes von Dellvig
1. Henrik Carl Henriksson Horn af Kanckas, b. 1578
2. Klas Carl Henriksson Horn af Kanckas, b. 15.9.1583 Narva
3. Evert Carl Henriksson Horn af Kanckas, b. 11.6.1585 Hapsals slott i Estland
4. Gustaf Carl Henriksson Horn af Björneborg ( af Kanckas ), b. 22.10.1592

Table _______
Elin Arvidsdotter Stålarm, b. 1515 Masku, Kankainen, d. 1577 Masku, Kankainen
Henrik Klasson Horn af Kanckas, b. 1512 , d. 21.6.1595
1. Elin Henriksdotter Horn af Kanckas
2. Göran Henriksson Horn af Kanckas, b. 1545
3. Karin Henriksdotter Horn af Kanckas, b. 1546 Kanckas, Masku
4. Carl Henriksson Horn af Kanckas, b. 1550

Table _______
Christina Knutsdotter Kurck, b. 1494 Lauko, Pori, d. 6.1.1551 begr. 6.1 i Karis k:a
Arvid d.ä. Eriksson Stålarm, b. 1487 - 90 Sydänmaa, Karuna, d. 1529
1. Elin Arvidsdotter Stålarm, b. 1515 Masku, Kankainen
2. Erik Arvidsson Stålarm

Table _______
Elin Klasdotter Kurki, b. 1460 Vesilahti, d. 1532
Knut Eriksson Näs ( Kurck ), b. 1460 Småland, Näs, Jönköping, d. 1539
1. Anna Knutsdotter Kurck, b. 1490
2. Christina Knutsdotter Kurck, b. 1494 Lauko, Pori
3. Jöns Knutsson Kurck, b. 1503 Laukko i Vesilax
4. Jacob Knutsson Kurck
5. Birgitta Knutsdotter Kurck

Table _______
Klaus Jacobsson Kurki, b. 1425 Vesilahti, d. 1478
Elin Jönsdotter Stenbock
1. Elin Klasdotter Kurki, b. 1460 Vesilahti
2. Arvid Klausson Kurki, b. 1465

Table _______
Jacob "Jeppe" Kurki, b. 1400
Carin Clausdotter Djäkn, b. 1407 Turku, d. 1480
1. Klaus Jacobsson Kurki, b. 1425 Vesilahti
2. Birgitta Jacobsdotter Kurki, b. 1430

Table _______
Tytär Hermansdotter Svärd, Kurki, b. 1380
1. Jacob "Jeppe" Kurki, b. 1400

Table _______
Tytär Jacobsdotter , b. 1360-70
Herman Svärd, b. 1360-70 kotoisin ilmeisesti Ruotsista (Tånga, Uppland?) (el. av tysk börd till Finland )
1. Peder "gamble Peder Swerdh" Hermansson Svärd till Kräppelby och Haga i Bårgå
2. Tytär Hermansdotter Svärd, Kurki, b. 1380
3. Nils Hermansson Kurki till Vilnäs
4. Tytär Hermansdotter Svärd

Table _______
N.N. Jacobsdotter , b. 1330-40
Jacob Kurki, b. 1330-40
1. Tytär Jacobsdotter , b. 1360-70

Table _______
Jacob Andrissanpoika , b. 1300-10
N.N. , b. 1300-10
1. N.N. Jacobsdotter , b. 1330-40

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Here are some of Claus ancestors.


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Here are some of Eva's descendants.


search Horn af Björneborg, Eva

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Hi Kaarina,
Thank-you for your help as I think it is going to turn out to be full of twists and turns. I have most of the ancestry of Claus to about 1750, but there is a gap of about 100 years in between from Claus to Eva that I just can't connect. I am still working on this because supposedly my father's Fräki family is connected to the Kurck's somehow and they are connected to Prince Willem-Alexander somehow, and I thought if I worked backwards from Prince Willem-Alexander of Orange-Nassau I would get this mystery cleared up where my father (Fräki) fits in. I will work forward from Eva Horn now, and see where that leads me. Actually this is quite fun! :rolleyes:
The link you sent on Claus' ancestors opens but is jibberish computer language. I already tried that link too. :(


I'll try that other link though as it looks promising that you sent of Eva Horn. Wonder if I should post what I have already on Claus' ancestors??? (5 pages so far)

Thank-you for your help. It is much appreciated.
Best Regards,

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Hi Kaarina,
Looking through my mother's ancestry I find I already have some of the branches of Horn af Kanckais (Olof Mattsson Horn af Kancais m. to Katarina Gudmarsdotter Ketterarsund and one of their son's, Jacob, married to Kristina Ingesdotter Gammelby, and their children) as well as some of the Kurck's, so it will be fun to see where it connects with my father's lineage as well!

Thanks again,

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Hi Kaarina,
Just found this site which looks promising... :)

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Thanks Denise, here are some descendants from the Horn.


Not just from Eva, but maybe another interesting.

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Hi Kaarina,
I'll try google translation tool to translate this link you sent, but from experience it will probably not translate well. I'll check it out and see if I understand it...

I truly appreciate your help.
Best Regards,
Denise :)