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Wes Hakanen
29-08-09, 05:37
Does anyone know if there are maps showing names of farms and where they were located within parishes? Or a list showing the various names of farms through the years. Also, when a parent changed farms, did the kids change their surnames? Or was it just those who were born after the move? I'm trying to put a handle on this to better interperate parish birth and death records. Thanks for any comments. Wes H.

29-08-09, 08:18
This is an excellent Citizen's MapSite from the National Land Survey.

You'll need to spell words correctly in Finnish with the proper use of ä ö å , because it won't recognize it as a o a if it is really spelled with the other characters.

Click near the bottom for English, but you'll still have to use the proper characters.


29-08-09, 08:21
In my family, when the parents changed farms the whole family changed "farm names"... they were not really using "surnames" for the most part. There are families that had strong surnames and kept them.

Only the farm name "last name" was used while living at that particular farm. Some later did carry those names with them to other places in Finland or abroad.

If you can provide a specific example of a name and town, I can help you navigate the link I provided too.

Wes Hakanen
30-08-09, 03:11
I will probably need help with the maps. My grandfather and all his siblings went by the surname Hakanen all were born in Jalasjärvi. His father was Mikko Elias Hakanen e. Hööseli born in Jalasjärvi June 25 1853. Mikkos father was Elias Mikonpoika Hööseli e. Panula born in Jalasjärvi April 4 1819. I am assuming my grandfather and siblings were born in the cottage in the small pasture (Hakanen). My great grandfather on the Hööseli farm after moving from the farm Panula. My great great grandfather born on the Panula farm and moved to Hööseli farm. Does this sound like I am getting close? Now how do we search for the farms on the map? Thank you and best regards Wes Hakanen.

30-08-09, 03:44
So, check this out. If it isn't there, just enter Panula in the first box and leave the second box empty.

Do a search and then options show up.

Then you can select Panula, Jalasjärvi, House


I'll read the rest of your note in a minute.

30-08-09, 03:57
OK, I believe this is your great grandfather and his sister and then of course their parents are listed to the left [or above] of them:

Jalasjärvi - christened

* Father's last name: PANULA => Panula

Born........Christened....Village.....Father...... ........................Mother
*15.6.1851..15.6.1851...Haapala..Backst. Elias Mich:son Panula... Maria Johansdr 25-30

*25.6.1853...26.6.1853..Valkama...T.Lbd. Elias Michelss. Panula....Maria Johansdotter 25-30
So, we have Valkama as a Village Name. no farm name listed in Hiski.

Maybe someone else can read more into this.

30-08-09, 04:18
For Jalasjärvi, no farm names are listed for the time of your great grandfather's birth, for anyone.

The birth records at Hiski stop at 1854, so it caught him and a sister. Probably the other siblings are born after that?

Let us know how much you already have. It would be a shame to re-post information you already have.

30-08-09, 04:34
So, for Valkama, there are several options in Jalasjärvi. You can select and see several.

Perhaps some of the ones here that are best familiar with Village vs. Farm names can help. Someone likely has a book source I would think.


30-08-09, 04:39
And your great great grandfather:

Jalasjärvi - christened

* Years 1819 - 1819
* Father's first name: MICHAEL => Mickel
* Child's first name: ELIAS => Elias, Elisabet, Eliasndr., Eliasons

Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child
*14.4.1819 18.4.1819 LB. Mickel Jac.son Westerberg Margetha Pehrsdr 30-35 Elias

So, do let us know what you have already re: farm names and how you came upon them.

31-08-09, 00:19
AWESOME site! I like the ability to mark multiple locations. I have been looking for a map of Finland that was comprehensive enough to have many farming community/farm names, so that I could print the maps and add them to my genealogical files. It will also help me visualise the multiple farming community locations that family lived on within the rural area of Porvoo (Borga).

Thanks for the link, kivinen!


Wes Hakanen
31-08-09, 00:53
Thank you so much for the information and map site. I am finally beginning to REALLY understand the farm and village name info and changes. I began searching in the mid 1900s and sent to the provinces for information. Most of it was in Finnish so I have been digging with a dictionary and trying to figure the information. Most of it was just lists of names and had little meaning. The last info was done by email to the village parish. Still in Finn. Your information and map site has given me a great AHA! I will begin studing my information with much more understanding now. Thanks so very much.

31-08-09, 01:05
You're welcome Wes.

Be sure to post any questions you have again, as soon as it comes to your mind. There are lots of helpful folks here.

Also, let us know if you're looking to go further back, or if you already have the names etc.

That way, we can either point you in the right direction, help you search or stop because you already know the most you can know.

Best wishes -