View Full Version : The Human Family Tree on National Geographic Channel

31-08-09, 02:07
National Geographic television channel has a special on tonight at 9 p.m. called The Human Family Tree. Looks interesting! :)


01-09-09, 00:58
For those that are newbies to Genetics, it is at best, OK.

Unfortunately, Spenser Wells is using poor outdated information with his title of DNA guru.

Perhaps they should check with the hobbyists and then create a better program, at least it seems the more cutting edge these days.

By the way, if anyone you know has participated in the Genographic Project, please sit up and take note:

At the end of the project, ALL DNA will be destroyed.

Take a moment to have your results transferred to Family Tree DNA, and they'll keep your sample on file for 25 years.

Family Tree DNA is the lab that the Genographic Project used [the "Arizona" lab].

There is a link at the bottom of your DNA results page that states something to the effect of "What More Can I do?"

Click it and transfer data to FTDNA now, and then you can always order upgrades.

This is especially important if you've tested the last surviving male of a particular lineage.

When they are dead, they can't give up anymore DNA.

The TV program is at best entertaining, and even enjoyable, just not very accurate anymore.

01-09-09, 03:12
I love the National Geographic Channel, but you can't take everything seriously. They occasionally say wrong things, and dumb things down. But at least it is better than the majority of crap on TV nowadays.