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04-09-09, 05:47
Hi, I have a query regarding the description in the digital archives
In the census records it describes a person as
Wihkola Pal Tanttu also
Pilkkala Staffan Ripatti
Can anybody help with the meanings of Wihkola and Pilkkala, and/or provide me with the correct spellings.
Thanks vivian

04-09-09, 11:28
Hi Vivian,
without knowing what region you are researching, I would guess that Wihkola and Pilkkala are village or farm names. Tanttu and Ripatti are last names.
Don´t know for sure.

04-09-09, 18:13

Don´t you find out from census the meaning of the words ? It might be profession or place of birth ? I don´t think in could be a farm in Finland and I don´t recognice any town, Pirkkala maybe ???

Surnames Tanttu and Ripatti were most common in Mäntyharju and Mikkeli in the province of southern Savo.