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Diane Yanosik
14-09-09, 15:18
I have been researching my family (Eklund) from Vasa, Finland.
I have recently received information from Vasa indicating that another of my father's uncles emmigrated to America, and one of his cousins to Sweden. I was advised to email the regional archives in Vasa, for additional information on them. I emailed this morning, and received an email in return, and I am wondering if someone could translate? I have used Google translate, which gave me the first line - we have received your message - but it has no guess as to the second line.

Vaasan maakunta-arkisto on vastaanottanut viestinne.
Vasa landsarkiv har tagit emot ert meddelande.

Thanks for the help.


14-09-09, 15:40
First line is in finnish and second line is in Swedish and your google result is correct

Diane Yanosik
14-09-09, 16:39
Thank You!