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26-09-09, 01:26
Can anyone identify where this couple lived. It was in my grandmothers box of pictures and from the front of the picture it has a studio name in Jakobstad


26-09-09, 03:53
I was going to try to help, but the photos have not yet been approved for view.

It would be interesting if you had some dates to add to your query... birth, marriage etc.

Hasse Andtbacka
26-09-09, 06:32
They lived in Nykarleby. Their son Tor Lind幯 was organist i Terj酺v for a long time. He still has his summer house there.
Hasse A

26-09-09, 15:42
Thanks for that Hasse.
I have a John Linden (Johan Gustavson Linden), Kasaback, Nykarleby who was a member of the Order of Runeberg in Escanaba in 1917. Were they related?


Hasse Andtbacka
27-09-09, 08:50
Unfortunately my database has no answer to that.

28-09-09, 02:01

I was looking for an explanation for why my grandparents had that picture. My grandfather had cousin's from 權ist farm in Nykarleby. The other possibility was their association with the Order of Runeberg. Thank for looking.


23-11-09, 15:24
I also have a G飉ta Immanuel Lind幯 born to Preacher William Lind幯 and he愀 wife Regina Widjeskog.G飉ta was born 25 january 1923 in 權ist Purmo and he愀 wife Anna Olivia* 囈an 29 April 1923 in 權ist Purmo.They have 5 children .
Bert Lindvall

24-11-09, 01:25
Hello Bert

Well I think that explains why my grandparents had that picture. My grandfather's aunt was Maria Mattsdotter Storbacka born 7 Feb. 1841. Married Anders Johan Jakobsson 權ist 5 Oct. 1862.
Five of his cousins came to America.

1) Johan Andersson 權ist born 17 June 1867.
2) Herman Andersson 權ist born 5 Jan. 1872
3) Anna Lovisa Andersdotter 權ist /Carlson/ born 11 June 1875
4) Gustaf Andersson 權ist /Ovist in America/ born 30 Oct., 1878
5) Maria Andersdotter 權ist /Johnson/ born 11 July 1880

They all lived in Felch Township, Dickinson County, Michigan. Johan and Herman moved back to Finland.