View Full Version : looking for Rachel Chapo = Raakel Rajala

Sanna Aro
28-09-09, 11:05
I'm trying to find Rachel Chapo = Raakel Rajala and/or her daughter Carole (born ca. 1942). She's not a blood relative but she and her family (father Victor (Vihtori) Rajala and brother Veikko Rajala) met my father professor Jussi Taneli Aro (1928-1983) in New York in 1951. Victor Rajala left for New York from the same village in Lapua called Hellanmaa as Jussi Aro was native.
Jussi Aro had a scholarschip to study in Chicago Oriental Institute for one year but he and Rachel Chapo continued corresponding with each other years after that (at least until 1967). Rachel Chapo and her husband A. Richard Chapo runned first a beauty salon at Beekman tower hotel but then moved on first to Colorado and later to Texas Houston.
I'm currently writing a biography of Jussi Aro and would be grateful if anybody has any information about Rachel Chapo and/or her daughter Carole.

June Pelo
28-09-09, 15:53
If you go to http://www.google.com and type Rachel Chapo in the search box, you'll get several websites with that name. Here's one:


Karen Norwillo
28-09-09, 16:04
I found a death record in TX for a Rachael Chapo 5 Jan 1971 in Harris county, TX. There are also two births for a Carole K Chapo and her husband Donald Carroll Reese in Harris county, TX. I don't find Rachel/Rachael's husband in TX. Her death record from the TX Death Index lists her as single.

Sanna Aro
30-09-09, 04:39
I googled myself for Raakel Rajala and Rachel Chapo but the last option seems to be a common name in USA. So I thought, through this forum I might find someone who knew the family Rajala from Hellanmaa Lapua settled in NY and who also might know the present whereabouts of Rachel and/or Carole Chapo. Rachel definitely was (still) married in the end of 1960's and Carole has probably changed her maiden name through marriage.

Karen Norwillo
30-09-09, 17:21
Carole Chapo's middle name is given as Kaisla, which I thought might be a misspelling of Kaisa, very Swedish. That's why I thought it might be the right one. It's posible that Rachel was a widow when she died and they listed her as single. 1960-1971 is a long time.

Sanna Aro
01-10-09, 02:05
The last Christmas card sent by Rachel is from 1967 and then her husband was still alive -- of course dramatic things can happen very quickly in one's life. That Carole's middle name is Kaisla is not a misnomer but a real Finnish female name (= bulrush/club-rush), speaking strongly for Finnish linkage. However, this is a sort of modern Christen names that have been given to baby girls like since end of 1980's & for ca. 1940's, when Carole was born, it sounds quite extravagant (although not impossible).