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31-10-09, 22:17
I am looking for information on John Wiiki. I have two birthdates for him so I am not sure which is correct. The first comes from his headstone b. Sep 10 1875 and d. May 15 1954 Michigan USA.

The second comes from a WWI draft card which states his bithdate as Oct 10 1876. His date of arrival into the US from Finland is Sep 27 1892 at the age of 16. This is all the information I have on him.

I also know he was married to Selma Jacobsdr. Nopola in the US. Selma was born May 23 1880 in Lapua.

The information on Selmas headstone was incorrect by two days so it is very possible Johns information is incorrect also.

I have been able to trace her back with no problems. Its John that I need help with.

I have posted this information once before to no avail. Hopefully this time I can get something.

Thanks for any possible help.:)

13-11-09, 13:39
Wiiki (not Wiik) is a very rare name.

This could be a relative:

Lapua - Lappo - christened

* Father's last name: WIIKI => Wiiki

Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child
*5.4.1902 6.4.1902 (p. 2256) Jaakko Hermanninp. Wiiki v:mo Fiina Matintytr. 38 Matias Eino

Here is obviously the same couple with different names:

14.10.1887 16.10.1887 Härsilän Mäkitupl. Jaakko Hermanninp. Huhta Wigg v. Adolfina Matintyt. Maria Matilda

But, sorry to say, I found no John (Johan, Juho), born in in the days you mentioned and connected with names Wiiki, Huhta or Wigg or village Härsilä.

The wife is obviously here:

Lapua - Lappo - christened

* Years 1880 - 1880
* Father's first name: JAAKKO => Jacob, Jaakko-Oskar
* Child's first name: SELMA => Selma

Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child
*23.5.1880 30.5.1880 Ämmälä Torp. Jakob Eliasson Pitkäniemi hust. Mina Selma

Harry Smeds

18-11-09, 19:51
Thanks Harry,

This could very well be a relative because I can not find any parents that might have went to America with John. Maybe his parents stayed behind and had more children. Thanks again for helping. I have had a lot of difficulty with this John Wiiki.