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27-11-09, 00:52
A big hello from Finland,

The Calamnius Family Association is calling upon all of you that know you're decendants of Petrus.

Next summer in july 10-11 2010 our association is celebrating our 60th anniversary, and we want to get as many as possible of our relatives from all over the world to participate, we know you're out there.

In the first half of december 2009 we will release information on the celebration program on our web site www.calamnius.fi

Our wishes are that if any of you plan a trip to Finland at those days, why not take the time to participate in our celebrations?

All of you that feel that you are our relatives, check out our web site and join us, the membership info can be found on the web site, and the yearly fee is only 10 EUR. You can also join at the celebration by proving that you are a Petrus descedant.

A lot of you readers of this forum have submitted your genealogical information to us, but we belive that a lot is missing too, so why not take a look a www.sursill.net/petrus.htm and submit the possible missing information. Ok! I know that we're a large family, so you have to crawl through a whole bunch of graphical trees to check this out, but believe me it's worth it. Those of you that submitted info already, please don't do it again, unless there is new family members, we are still parsing information that we'we got from far and near relatives, sadly not from all.

Here is a map showing the areas where we belive there are Calamnians of today, surprise us by adding new locations...

Best regards to all of you distant cousines,

Lasse Holm