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04-12-09, 02:49
Hello - Probably an odd question...I have a picture that is from one side of the family or the other. It's likely that it is either from Österbotten Finland (Pedersöre area most likely) or from Öland Island Sweden (there is no writing of any kind on the front or back). Since I'm not an expert, would anyone have ideas if it is more likely from one place or the other. If that's not possible to answer, any ideas on the time period ? Thanks !


June Pelo
04-12-09, 17:54
The girl is wearing her hair long and it looks "modern". I studied all my old photos and all young girls wore their hair in braids. When a girl reached about 14-15 she put her hair up like her mother wore hers. I don't have any old pictures of girls wearing their hair loose and shoulder-length. And her outfit is well-made and stylish, not home-made. I don't think her mother sewed all that trim on her jacket - so I don't think she is a farm girl.

The man is wearing a suit that looks well-made with the old-style lapel before men began wearing the current wide lapel. I can't decide if he is wearing the current style necktie, or the bow-tie men used to wear in the 1800s. I've seen pictures of seamen wearing that type of cap - and with his beard he looks like a seaman.

The birch limbs and trees in the background remind me of Sweden. I have never seen any photos taken in Finland with tree branches used as props.

So these are my thoughts. Taken maybe in the early 1900s?

05-12-09, 19:11
June - Thanks !