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09-01-10, 10:07
We have Karl August Wikberg b. 21.1.1889 in Bromarv, married to Olga, daughter Helga Wikberg. Karl died 1913 or 1914. Olga and Helga emigrated to America.
Not found in the institute of Migration. On Ancestry.com in Cook Illinois cencus 1920 you found an Helga Wikberg born 1914 and Olga Wikberg. I have no access to this database. Can somebody check this for me.

Christina Nordback

Karen Norwillo
09-01-10, 17:26
I'll look into it.

Karen Norwillo
09-01-10, 18:01
The only 1920 entry for a Helga Wikberg in Cook county was born in IL. There is no Olga on that image. Mother's name Emma. There are other younger children. I did not find them on any emigration list either on Ancestry or Ellis Island. Are you sure they emigrated? Could she have remarried?

09-01-10, 21:23
Thanks Karen.
I work together with MiaMaria with these Täcktom-emigrants. I have to ask her if she know something more.


Mia Maria
10-01-10, 11:39
Thank You Karen! These are actually my relatives and I have just been told that they emigrated to America. I don´t know if Olga remarried, maybe she did. I´ll try to to find out more information about this family.

Mia Maria

Mia Maria
15-01-10, 18:05
I have now find out that Helga died in Finland a few years ago and they never emigrated! They had planned, but something probable happened. During the war they had lost the contact to her fathers family and this part of the family always thougt that Olga and Helga had emigrated.

Mia Maria