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21-01-10, 18:01
A line of my family is recorded in the "Helsingin saksalainen seurakunta" (German Church of Helsinki). Unfortunately, the only available genealogical records for that church are B/M/D records between 1858-1930. There are no Rippikirjat, Lastenkirjat, or Muutaneet (im sure I am spelling those wrong) records available ANYWHERE for that church.

Would a family that was German and went to the German Church be recorded in the standard Finn/Swede "Helsingin seurakunta" church books for Rippikirjat, etc.? Or am I just out of luck and the German Church never recorded anything other than birth, marriage, and death records?

My ancestor, Anna Johanna Rübmann, was born in 1861 in Helsinki to a German named Georg Fredrik Rübmann and his wife, an Austrian named Anna Johanna Susanna (Conrad). I have Anna Johanna and her sibling's birth records...but that is it. Her parents were not married and never died in Helsinki, so they must have moved away before dying. Without moving records, or even communion records, I have no way of finding out what happened to her parents and tracing their lineage back farther. A genealogical brick wall, so to speak.

Anyway, thank you very much for any help you can give! Thanks again,

22-01-10, 13:08
i searched for Rubman at the National library, digital collections:
If you try that you may at least find out where he lived and where he had his business. I think that between 1860-1865 he had his (maybe he lived there to) shop at Wladimirgatan in Helsinki.
Karin Högnabba

Risto Toivonen
22-01-10, 14:02
Here some examples:

This is first
Med de bästa kunskaper försedda Fortepianoinstrumentmakaren och Stämmaren F. Rübmann, får hos den resp. publiken på det bästa rekommendera sig. Bor i Fältväbeln Cronströms gård no 22 wid S:t Annegatan. (12.08.1857 Helsingfors Tidningar nro. 62 sivu 4) sivu=page

H.K. M:t har den 16 nästvikne Oktober meddelat instrumentmakaren G. F. Rübmann tillstånd att i Helsingfors inrätta och driva en fabrik för tillverkning af fortepianos och möbler. (24.11.1862 Helsingfors Dagblad nro. 273 sivu 1)

Universitetet har försålt sitt på en auktion inropade ölbryggeri till instrumentmakaren Rübmann härstädes. (23.02.1869 Åbo Underrättelser nro. 31 sivu 2)

I Anseende till innehafwarens fortfarande sjuklighet säljes eller utarrenderas det äldre bryggeriet i Tammerfors. Öfwerenskommelse kan ske på stället med egaren G. F. Rübmann. ( 11.08.1871 Helsingfors Dagblad nro. 215 sivu 4)

and this is last
Fastighetsköp. Gården No 3 wid Abrahamsgatan har af G. F. Rübmann blifwit försåld till Handl. N. T. Reswoy. (31.10.1871 Hufvudstadsbladet nro. 253 sivu 4)