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23-01-10, 16:55
I am trying to find where my grandfather, Mikko (Mike) Siermala, entered the United States. According to U.S. census forms, it was either 1884 or 1886. According to the 1920 U.S. census he was naturalized in 1898. Information I have shows he was born 29 Sep 1862 in Kalajoki, Finland. His parents were Mikko Heikinp. Pernu born 11 Sep 1835 in Himanka, and Briita Johan Torvi, born 17 Aug 1834 in Himanka. It is said that he was a sailor and entered the United States through Canada. Any help is appreciated. I have information on him after arriving in the U.S. At this point, I am only looking for his entry into the U.S. Thank you, Kathy