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13-02-10, 22:59
I am going back through the work I have done so I could record my sources. That was something I failed to do when I started genealogy about a year ago. I was looking up the death of a person in the FFHA and came across the death of another person that I didnt have.

I was unable to find the death of the second person in Hiski. So I just want to make sure that I am looking at it correctly.

The person I accidently came across is Susanna Henriksdr. Heroja b.11.10.1779 Kuortane. I was unable to find her death in Hiski but found it in FFHA Kuortane kuolleet 1809-1855, kuva 66 d.26.07.1853

Susanna was married to Jacob Jacobss. Perala Witala m. 4.10.1812.

Jaska Sarell
13-02-10, 23:29
The same info is in HisKi, but her name is oddly put in parenthesis and is thus not searchable :confused:
*26.7.1853 28.7.1853 Wiitala Trp. Jacob Jac.sons hu: (Sanna) svuln. 73 7 16

Link to appropriate communion book page:

:) Jaska

13-02-10, 23:58
Thanks Jaska. Any idea why they would put her name in parenthesis?

14-02-10, 00:04
I looked up the death date in Hiski after I posted my reply. It is very odd how they showed her death. I would have never found it. It is by faith that I did find anything at all. Very strange.

Jaska Sarell
14-02-10, 00:49
I have no idea why some of HisKi death entries in Kuortane are like that (mostly of children). Based on original record her name should have been put in first name field and his name in relative fields.
You could find her HisKi death entry with his name :confused:
But who could have guessed that?

Anyway, HisKi isn't perfect (but mostly very useful), and luckily the originals are coming available :cool:
They have so much more information in making correct connections!

:) Jaska