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Diane Yanosik
15-02-10, 04:32
I have been working on tracing my Eklund family in Finland, using the HisKi site. I have found that though my grandmother emigrated from Vasa, her grandfather Mauritz Eklund came from Ekenäs. In the Ekenäs records I have found the family, and am wondering if someone could take a look and translate for me what it says.
I am particularly interested in dates and where they were born, and any other comments written. Mauritz is listed as a son in the family. In the next group of names I see Eva Erica Holmberg (I'm guessing she born in) Karis 1825. Mauritz married an Eva Erica Holmberg from Karis. Any information on Eva Erica's entry is appreciated.
Here is the url for the entry:
Thanks in advance for the help
Diane Yanosik

Mia Maria
15-02-10, 16:30
Mauritz was born in Ekenäs 1825 (Ibid. = the same place) like his mother and sisters and brothers. His father Magnus was a goldsmith and born i Koskis (Koski TL or Kosken tehdas). These both are in the Åbo (Turku) area.

In Hiski I found this, but I´m not sure if its your Magnus ( born 4.12.1786 bapt.5.12.1786 Koskis Father: Mäster sv : Magn Eklund. Mother: Sara Benich son: Magnus). The date is not exact the same.
In Hiski Magnus marriage in Ekenäs 25.4.1816 Guldsm: Magnus Eklund Borg:d:r Anna Stina Wikström .
Your link says Anna Stina was born 4.6 1795. In Hiski I found 7.6.1795 8.6.1795 Father :Timmerm: Joh: Wikström Mother h:u Maria Andersd:r Anna Stina. Johan Wikström was a carpenter (= Timmerm.). Could this be your Anna Stina?

Eva Erica Holmberg was born in Karis (=Karjaa) 5/5 1825 and came to Ekenäs 1843. She goes to page 191
and then to page 11
Could it be her brother born 1822 on the same page?
I think I can read that she then moves 1844 back to Karis.

The small text about Mauritz is not so easy to read. But I think it says later that he moves to Åbo.

Best regards
Mia Maria

Diane Yanosik
16-02-10, 03:01
Thank you for looking at my link.
I had found that same entry in the Koskis books. I tend to think this is "my" Magnus, and that was my next question, did anyone think this likely. I have come across variations in birthdates, so I know not to rule an entry out based just on that. I will take a look at the entry in Karis for Eva Erica Holmberg - I don't have any other information on her, just birth year and place that I was given by the Parish office in Vasa, where my grandmother was born. She was Mauritz' grand daughter.
I do have a question about the second link you sent - in the second group down, the first name listed is Johan August Eklund - this is Mauritz' brother. What is the word to the left of his name? And what does it say in the columns all the way to the right?
Thank you again for your help.

Diane Yanosik
16-02-10, 03:12
In looking through my papers, I did come across someone elses family tree, with a match on my Eva Erica Holmberg, but wasn't sure it was the same Eva Erica. He had information on the family and yes, she had a brother Alexander Reinhold, with a match on the birthdate listed. So it seems to me likely the two Eva Ericas are the same person, as both families were in the same area at the same time. Thanks again.

Mia Maria
16-02-10, 12:04
The word to left of his name is Dreng (= dräng) meaning that he was a farmhand / hired man working on the farm.
The column to the right says adm.fri läsning 1840, he had passed a reading test that date. And the other column tells that he moved to H.fors (Helsingfors = Helsinki) 1842.

Best Regards

Mia Maria

Diane Yanosik
16-02-10, 14:56
Thanks Mia!