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Diane Yanosik
18-02-10, 21:56
I need help with translations from pages on HisKi. I am looking to locate Magnus Eklund, my g-g-g-grandfather. I have found he was born in Koskis, and in looking through records, I have found him (I think) in December of 1786. I'd appreciate a translation of the record at:

I have his birthdate as 14 Jan 1787, in the Confessional books for Ekenäs at
This lists Magnus Eklund above his wife, Anna Stina Wikström, and their daughter Anna Carolina.

Could this be the same Magnus even though the birthdate is wrong? I've search a couple of years in each direction on the birth records, and cannot find another birth record for a Magnus in Koskis.

Another question - need for translation on another record I found when searching for Magnus' birth record:
On the page to the right, the second entry, I can't make out the name (or is it Carl Magnus with another word before it?), but I see Magnus Eklund mentioned in the entry.

Any help that you can give me with the entry's, or opinions on if this is my Magnus with an error in the family record.
Thanks in advance

Jaska Sarell
19-02-10, 01:34
You've got the correct Magnus Eklund!
He was born on 4 Dec 1786 at Koskis factory, father Magnus Eklund, mother Sara Benich.
In the Ekenäs communion book page you gave, you can find his name also in lower part together with his sister Greta Stina Eklund b. 26 Jun 1792. Her birthday has not changed from the original. Also their mother is listed as Sara Eklund, b. 10 Mar 1763. Father Magnus died in Koskis on 6 Jun 1793 at the age of 41, he drowned in the river.
It looks like mother Sara's birth place is Fiskars, which was a factory site within Pohja/Pojo parish. Unfortunately most of their records burned in 1794.

In the third link father Magnus Eklund is listed as one of godfathers to Lars Eklund's son Carl Magnus. They were probably brothers.
Plenty of Eklunds at Koskis - you can list all events at HisKi site by entering surname only: http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/?en+0231+kaikki

:) Jaska

Diane Yanosik
19-02-10, 02:44
Thank you Jaska!
This takes my family another generation back. Now I will have to check with the LDS church here to see if they have communion books during the years Magnus & Sara's children were born. They have a vast collection of scanned records, so I will check. I'm hoping to find father Magnus' birthdate, birth place and family. HisKi does not have records earlier than 1802 for Koskis, and I've gone through their 1802 - 1829 and found no record for Sara or any of their 4 children, so it looks like they left the area, perhaps together on to Ekenäs, after father Magnus died. Your finding Sara listed in the Ekenäs Communion book was something that I didn't see, looking again, in the group above Sara is goldsmith Carl Johan Eklund with a birthdate that matches son Magnus' older brother,
I do have a question as to the older Magnus' occupation. I know son Magnus was a gold smith, and I see father Magnus listed as Master sv?
Do you know, was it common for brothers to have same occupations? I'm hoping to find some record with the father Magnus' parents and siblings listed.
I will list the birth record date of 4 Dec 1786 as his birthdate,making the Ekenäs entry a mistake.
One last question. On that same page in the Ekenäs Communion book, Magnus and Anna Stina's daughter Anna Carolina is listed. To the left of her name is a black cross, and in the column all the way to the right is a date, 17 Feb 1818. She does not appear in any later entries for the family, so I'm thinking this is her death date?
Thank you so much for all your help. It has been a challenge for me to understand the records with the language barrier. This list has been very helpful, and I really appreciate everyones help.

Jaska Sarell
19-02-10, 14:16
I'm afraid that you will not find older church records for Koskis Bruk. The available records are listed under mother parish Perniö (sw. Bjärnå) here (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/seurakunnat/srk?CMD=FILMS&ID=388&TYPE=HTML&LANG=en). Communion books (rippikirja) 1802-1828 is incorrectly listed under Teijon tehdas, but should be Kosken tehdas.

I found somewhere an explanation for mäster sven, that he was the second after the master in professional hierarchy. As a godfather in Lars Eklund's son's birth record I could interpret his profession as hammar smed, i.e. hammer smith. That's what they did at the Koskis Iron Works.

Yes, that's Anna Carolina's death date. Ekenäs burial records exist, but are not online yet.

There's a language barrier for me as well :cool: But I'm glad they taught Swedish at school as well as English!

Though I have ancestors in Perniö mother parish in both paternal and maternal lines, the other area including its chapels is not familiar.

:) Jaska

Diane Yanosik
19-02-10, 15:54
Thanks again Jaska,
It seems languages have always been an issue in Finland, or at least for a long long time. My grandmother, who came to the US in 1916, spoke 6 languages, among them Finnish, Swedish and Russian!
If the language isn't enough, the penmanship can be, to put it politely, challenging! I appreciate your taking the time to look at my links, and for answering my other questions. It means a lot to know the details about my ancestors.