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Karen Norwillo
23-02-10, 22:30
I'm looking for information about Johan Viktor Westerlund, born 23 Nov 1882, possibly in Reposaari, Pori. I wish to confirm he was actually born there and the name of his parents. He had a brother Frans Westerlund born 14 Aug 1888. All we know is he said his mother's name was Edla. Frans was my uncle through marriage. We also heard they lived on the island of Reposaari.

27-02-10, 00:32
Johan Viktor was born in Merikarvia / Ahlainen 23.11.1882 d. Declared dead 9.9.1974 . His mother died in Reposaari. Edla's son Johan Viktor was born out of wedlock. He used his stepfather's surname Westerlund. Then change the name to Wallin about the year 1900. Moved from Ahlainen to America 1900-1901

Edla Katarina Ollila, s. 22.6.1862 Ahlainen, k. 3.6.1943 Pori, Reposaari.
Juho Viktor s. 23.11.1882 Ahlainen, k. 9.9.1974 julistettu kuolleeksi. Edlan avioton poika. Käytti isäpuolen sukunimeä Westerlund, jonka muutti n.v. 1900 (päivämäärää ei ole merkitty) sukunimeksi Wallin, lähti Ahlaisista n.v. 1900-1901 Amerikkaan, oli täällä naimaton ja lapseton.
1. Puoliso: Vihitty 25.6.1887 Fredrik Wiktor Westerlund, s. 15.3.1863 Ahlainen, k. 29.7.1918 Lahden vankileiri.
Lähti Amerikkaan 14.1.1905, josta palasi tuntemattomana ajankohtana.
Kaarlo Leonhard naimaton ja lapseton, s. 21.10.1887 Ahlainen, k. 24.9.1936 Pori, Reposaari.
Fredrik Jalmar s. 7.3.1889 Ahlainen, k. 11.9.1980 julistettu kuolleeksi. Lähti isän mukana Amerikkaan.
Frans Antton s. 1.2.1891 Ahlainen, k. 15.7.1982 julistettu kuolleeksi. Lähti Amerikkaan.
Klas Oskari s. 21.6.1892 Ahlainen, k. 10.8.1921 USA.
Herman Seelim s. 23.6.1894 Ahlainen, k. 30.10.1894 Ahlainen.
Selma Katariina s. 20.9.1895 Ahlainen. Tauluun*3.
Herman Seelim s. 29.9.1897 Ahlainen. Tauluun*4.
Niilo Walfrid s. 6.11.1898 Ahlainen, k. 27.10.1899 Ahlainen.
Elli Maria s. 28.12.1900 Ahlainen, k. 13.4.1901 Ahlainen.
Anni Maria s. 30.9.1903 Pori. Muuttanut: Reposaaren seurakunnasta 18.12. 1926 Alajärven seurakuntaan naimattomana ja lapsettomana.

Karen Norwillo
27-02-10, 02:45
Thank you so much for the information. The birth date of Johan Viktor matches, but I don't see the birth of my uncle Frans in 1888. On all his documents here in the States, he gives his DOB as 14 Aug 1888 and the date of death for the Frans on this does not match. My uncle married here in MI and died there in 1976.
John Viktor used the name Westerlund and he died 5 Nov 1949 in Mendocino, CA. He may have lost contact with Finland and was declared dead, but I found nowhere where he used the name Wallin. I'll look into that further.

27-02-10, 11:01
Children's birth seems to be so close to each other. So there may be no place in the year 1888 in August. And Frans Anton's dying day saying he was declared dead 15.7.1982.
Could it be that Frans Anton who was born 1/2/1891, we find no other Frans who would be born in 1888 in August.


Karen Norwillo
05-04-10, 22:43
I'm curious about the phrase after the death of Fredrik Wiktor Westerlund, lahden vankileiri. The closest word I can find has something to do with prison. I found the brothers who also emigrated. Klas Oscar went to San Francisco and is found in Mendocino in 1917, along with Johan Viktor, as was Frank in 1910. I found the Fredrik's, father and son in Emigrant Institute, but can't find them after arrival. They were bound for Monessen, PA, which had a large Finn community.

Jaska Sarell
06-04-10, 00:36
War victims in Finland 1914-1922 site (http://vesta.narc.fi/cgi-bin/db2www/sotasurmaetusivu/main?lang=en) lists also those that died in concentration camps after the civil war. One prison camp was in Lahti.
I couldn't find him by name (even tried as recorded: Fredrik Vihtor Vesterlund), but succeeded finding by birth date only.

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
06-04-10, 04:13
Thank you, Jaska. I've used that site before, but never thought to look for him there.

Karen Norwillo
06-04-10, 16:00
After all the great stuff I found, the Frans Westerlund and his family I found all the info about, is not my uncle's family. That Frans Westerlund, the one born 1 Feb 1891, lived in WA State and died there in 1963. Starting over.