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June Pelo
01-03-10, 01:09
The following was posted on the Suku Forum and since I can't reply to the forum, I'll post my reply here:

Johannes Persson Björk / Såka

Johannes Persson Björk b. 5.11 1852 in Såka / Finland emigrated to Amerika around 1872.
I am wondering about his wife Sofia - who was she, from where and when did she married with Johannes.
They probably lived in Duluth
Johannes had several brothers who also left Finland for Amerika; Karl b. 1850, Alfred b. 1861, Anders b. 1856 and Matts Wiljam b. 1864
Best wishes and thank you for any kind of help.
Christel in Jakobstad

I have this family in my database, but no information about them in America, except for son Anders, b. 1856. He married 29 Nov 1890, Coos Bay, OR to Lovisa Mattsdotter Ventjärvi, b. 22 Sep 1849, Karleby, d. 6 Jul 1942, Coos Bay. I have a note that Anders could have died 4 May 1917, Marshfield, OR.

Anders had a sister Maria Lovisa, b. 1867, Karleby, who married 21 Mar 1891 in America to Matts Alfred Mattsson Enlund, b. 1857, Karleby, d. 18 Apr 1925 in America.

01-03-10, 05:58
I'll post it over there for you June.

June Pelo
01-03-10, 16:50
Thanks. That might give them a clue as to where to do some searching. If the SFHS Emigrant's database was up and running, they might have these names in there.

Karen Norwillo
01-03-10, 21:44
Ilmari and June,
I found a wealth of info about the Björk family on an Ancestry Family Tree. It includes some pictures of John, Sophia and son William as well as info about the other brothers and sister Maria. If you can get me an email for the person who's looking, I can get them in touch with the owner of the tree. The photos are his and I don't want to pass them on without his permission.

I can tell you this, Johan (John) Bjork died 3 Jul 1942 in Duluth. Sophia, still no surname, born 1863 and died 1916 in Duluth. I found them in the 1905 MN Census and the 1910 Census. I also found the widowed John in 1930. Their son William 28 Apr 1886, died 19 Nov 1937 in Duluth. He drowned. He was married and had a son. I have info and pictures, but I want permission from the owner before passing on. William used surname Burke.
On the other brothers,
Anders born 11 May 1856 in Gamla Karleby
Alfred 15 Nov 1861 Gamla Karleby, died 3 Jun 1930 French River, St Louis, MN. Was married with 6 children. He used Burk.
Matts 4 Oct 1864
Maria Björk Enlund 8 Jun 1866- Oct 1939.

Karen Norwillo
01-03-10, 22:02
Here's more census records. Found Alfred and family in 1920 and John and his daughter-in-law and grandson in 1920. Looks like she's divorced from William.

01-03-10, 23:52

I'll PM the Suku Forum poster.

June Pelo
02-03-10, 00:24
My parents knew someone from Finland named Björk who changed it to Birch in the US, which is what Björk means.

Karen Norwillo
02-03-10, 17:32
Found Maria and Albert Enlund in Duluth and Crow wing county, MN. Albert Matt Enlund died 19 Apr 1925 in Crow Wing, MN. Maria Louise Enlund died 27 Oct 1939 in Crow Wing, MN. They had a large family. You'll see in 1900, Maria's brother Albert was with them, 40 and single.

Karen Norwillo
02-03-10, 19:20
From MN Naturaizations 1899-1905, Albert Bjork received his Final Papers Crow Wing county, Reel 5 Code 15 Vol D pg 53.
1910, 1920 and 1930 found the Enlund family. By 1930, Maria was a widow and just last son Fred J age 26 was at home.
WWI Draft Cards: William Matt Enlund 12 Jan 1892
Ellis Walter Enlund 31 Jul 1895
Glenard Carl Enlund (Charles, Carl) 15 Dec 1897
All in Crow Wing county, MN
Fred John Enlund died 1 Aug 1946 Crow Wing county, MN
William Matthew Enlund died 20 Feb 1949 Crow Wing, MN
1930 Census in Deerwood Village, Crow Wing, MN Ernest E Enlund age 30 MN, Freda E Enlund 23. He's a carpenter.
Freda Elvira Enlund 15 Dec 1906-27 Jan 1992 Crow Wing, MN.
1930 Milwaukee, WI, William M Enlund 38 MN, wife Laura M 30 and daughter Florence 11. He's a carpenter auto factory.

June Pelo
02-03-10, 20:07
This is an example of how people changed their names. Alfred Enlund was born as Matts Alfred Mattsson Indola and then at some time he took the name Enlund.

Karen Norwillo
02-03-10, 20:18
Ilmari got me connected with the lady on Suku and I've left a message on Ancestry for the owner of that Tree to see if I can get them connected. I've found some new info that he doesn't have, so maybe he'll be willing to share.
Looking at Hiski for Gamlakarleby, the date of birth for Alfred Björk should be 20 Jan 1859 not 15 Nov 1861. There was also another daughter Charlotta born 26 May 1855. The index only goes to 1860, so the other births aren't on it.