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09-03-10, 01:13
Anders Wilhelm Torppa, born 4.1.1856 in Veteli, Finland, son of Abraham Mattsson Torppa and Maria Johansdotter Furu. Anders lived in USA from 1882 to 1902, then returned to Finland. His descendants are having a reunion this summer and my cousin in Finland is giving a talk on “Torppa Boys in America”. He wants me to help him find information, but I haven’t been successful. His nephews first went to Gardner or Rockport, Massachusetts and later went to Iron Belt, Wisconsin and Ironwood, Michigan. Does anyone have any ideas? I Can't find him in Census or Newspaper Archives.

June Pelo
09-03-10, 17:24
I know the wife of Anders Wilhelm's grandson who lives i Helsinki. I'll contact her to see if she knows anything more.

09-03-10, 19:26
I'm not sure if she can help, but the most important thing is if anyone knows where he lived while he was here. Do you know where the Torppas from Veteli went in the late 1800s? Anders is brother of my grgreat grandfather, Matti. Matti's son and Ander's nephew, Matti Leander Torppa went to work at the granite quarries in Rockport, Massachusetts in 1892. I thought maybe Matti Leander Torppa went there because relatives were working there.

Karen Norwillo
09-03-10, 19:41
This is the only close match I could find in the 1900 census. The birthdate is off, but that doesn't always mean much. He's listed as brother to Johan Torpa. Knight is very close to Iron Belt and Ironwood.

June Pelo
09-03-10, 20:20
I've put Gayle in contact with the Torppa family in Finland and hopefully they can share data and fill in the blanks.

10-03-10, 02:59
Thanks Karen (again you helped me)! Even though the birthdates don't match, I think it's right. He went to be with his brother, John Torppa. Knight Twp. is where a few of his other relatives lived, so with those two things matching, I think this must be him. I think he's the only Andrew Torppa on the Cencus in 1900.

10-03-10, 03:00
I have already gotten a response from relatives in Finland. We are all happy to be putting our heads together!