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12-03-10, 22:33
New novel "Sunpath" on a nearly unknown topic: Those children evacuated from Finland to Sweden to save them from the annihalation by the Russians.
Based on personal interviews in Sweden, and local research, the novel is "a vicarious trip into a harrowing period of human history." Between 70,000 and 100,000 Finnish children were affected. Perhaps one of your relatives?

For more go to <www.strategicbookpublishing.com/SUNPATH.html

PS: The author, Michael Maryk, will present his work at a book signing, Friday April 23, 7 PM, at the Swedish Cultural Center, Seattle.

June Pelo
13-03-10, 01:02
I'm attaching an article I submitted to Leading Star newspaper about two war children from Finland who went to Sweden. There's a picture of them at the end of the article.

Ritva Winter
13-03-10, 12:19
This group of Finnish children were about 70.000, I'm one of them. We have reached the stage of our lives, when our own history becomes important. All of a sudden a lot of war-children-associations have been created in Finland, Sweden and Denmark, co-operating with each other. A lot of books and scientific papers have been published. I myself is trying to collect old photograps in order to donate them to archives.

An important issue today is the question of creating an international day of 'Children in war', all children in all wars around the world.