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13-03-10, 02:37
She was born 8.5.1812 in Lehtimaki, farm Leikari according to Hiski and her parents are Matt Henrs. and Caisa Joransdr. but I cant find her in the rippikirja. I have looked at the 1800-1820 and 1821-1828. Am I just missing her? I found her in the 1855-1862 rippikirja , kuva 133, under Hattula with her spouse and children but I want to see her parents and siblings. As I stated above the parents are listed in Hiski under her birthdate but I am unable to find any siblings.

A curious question about somwthing else. Was it common for young men to travel abroad without family in their teens in the late 1800's. I have a great great grandfather who came to America in 1892 by himself at the age of 16.

Becky Siebold
07-04-10, 04:36
rippikirja 1800-1820
Look on kuva 79 about half-way down the page.

June Pelo
07-04-10, 17:03
A curious question about somwthing else. Was it common for young men to travel abroad without family in their teens in the late 1800's. I have a great great grandfather who came to America in 1892 by himself at the age of 16.[/QUOTE]

Yes, many young men and women in their teens traveled to America in the late 1800s. The young women worked as servants and the men worked at whatever jobs they could find. I think many of us had relatives in similar situations.

08-04-10, 18:57
Thanks to Becky. I dont know if I ever would have found her and her parents in the rippikirja, sometimes it can be so difficult to find what you are looking for. I just wish there were some siblings listed also. Again thank you so much for your time.

Thanks to June. I have been having a difficult time with finding one more GGgrandfather. I believe he did come over by himself. On his Ellis Island record it doesnt list a home parish so I have been unable to find anything out about him. Just some memories my mom has of him and I have a picture of his grave marker with dates on it but so far they havent been of much help.
Thanks againg. I appreciate your time is answering my question.

June Pelo
08-04-10, 19:35
What was your ggfather's name and dates. Perhaps someone can find something about him based on his name and birthdate and when he arrived. People didn't usually travel much our of their parish in those olden days.

08-04-10, 20:05
Hi June, I have posted before with little results. Here is my previous post-

I am looking for information on John Wiiki. I have two birthdates for him so I am not sure which is correct. The first comes from his headstone b. Sep 10 1875 and d. May 15 1954 Michigan USA.

The second comes from a WWI draft card which states his bithdate as Oct 10 1876. His date of arrival into the US from Finland is Sep 27 1892 at the age of 16. This is all the information I have on him.

I also know he was married to Selma Jacobsdr. Nopola in the US. Selma was born May 23 1880 in Lapua.

The information on Selmas headstone was incorrect by two days so it is very possible Johns information is incorrect also.

I have been able to trace her back with no problems. Its John that I need help with.

I have posted this information once before to no avail. Hopefully this time I can get something.

Thanks for any possible help.

I recevied one reply which was this

Wiiki (not Wiik) is a very rare name.

This could be a relative:

Lapua - Lappo - christened

* Father's last name: WIIKI => Wiiki

Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child
*5.4.1902 6.4.1902 (p. 2256) Jaakko Hermanninp. Wiiki v:mo Fiina Matintytr. 38 Matias Eino

Here is obviously the same couple with different names:

14.10.1887 16.10.1887 Härsilän Mäkitupl. Jaakko Hermanninp. Huhta Wigg v. Adolfina Matintyt. Maria Matilda

But, sorry to say, I found no John (Johan, Juho), born in in the days you mentioned and connected with names Wiiki, Huhta or Wigg or village Härsilä.

The wife is obviously here:

Lapua - Lappo - christened

* Years 1880 - 1880
* Father's first name: JAAKKO => Jacob, Jaakko-Oskar
* Child's first name: SELMA => Selma

Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child
*23.5.1880 30.5.1880 Ämmälä Torp. Jakob Eliasson Pitkäniemi hust. Mina Selma

Harry Smeds

I posted one other time when I first found this forum in March of 09 and received this information

Daughter John Wiikre and Selma Napola married on 25 April 1918 married to Hjalmer G. Cumpules. It has her name as Selma Josephine Wiikre, 18 years old and born in Austria. Hjalmer's parents were Victor Cumpules and Anna Hiiko, and it has his birthplace as Finland. He is listed as 22 years old. The marriage takes place in Ewen, Ontonagon, Michigan.

But I know that John and Selmas daughter was born in Michigan, not Austria. She did marry a Hjalmer Kumpula and Hjalmers parents were Vihtori Kumpulainen and Anna Greta Korpela Kukko.

So I have been at a dead end.

June Pelo
08-04-10, 21:45
This is speculation. But checking births and marriages in Lapua:
The only Johan born there either 10.9.1875 or 10.10.1876 was a Johan Wiktor b. 10 Sep 1876 to Mina Johansdotter Laurila (unmarried). He would have been Johan Wiktor Minasson or Wilhelminasson Laurila. I may have found her parents:
Johan Johansson Puolijoki and Lisa Thomasdotter had a daughter Kaisa Wilhelmina/Wilhelmina, b. 31 Jan 1861 at Laurila farm in Haapakoski, Lapua.

I found a marriage record for a Wilhelmina Johansdotter to Elias Henriksson Paavola, Latvala farm, on May 3 1898. She sometimes used Kaisa Wilhelmina.

I checked to see if Mina Johansdotter had any other children born before 1875, but found none.

I found that Johan Johansson Puolijoki moved around from farm to farm, so he had a variety of farm names where children were born.

I didn't find any Johan Wigg/Vigg born in 1875 or 1876. It was a farm name, too. So it's possible his parents lived at Wiig farm at one time.

I checked out the previous message showing Jakob Hermansson Huhta-Wigg and Adolfina - I went through the births of their children, but they had no children named Johan. They also lived at various farms: Ketoa, Härsilän, etc.

08-04-10, 23:06
What made you decide to look in at Lapua records? Was it just by doing variations of the birth date and that is what you found. If this is even him would he have possible taken Wiktor as his last name and changed it to Wiiki instead of keeping his mothers name as a last name? I just dont know. It can be a little frustrating and confusing at times due to name changes when moving around to different farms and variations of the spellings depending on who is writing it.

June Pelo
09-04-10, 00:38
In those olden days in some parts of Finland people didn't have surnames or last names as we do today. Most generally they used farm or village names and whenever they moved, the names changed. I have many examples in my database where people moved 3, 4, 5, times and they are recorded under various names. I don't usually search for people using last names. The important things to use are birth dates and first names - patronymics if you know them. You need to be a detective and keep an open mind because anything is possible. When people came to this country, you'll find that census takers spelled their names the way they heard them, or else they guessed at them because they couldn't understand the spoken English. Immigrants didn't always remember exact dates, either. You indicated John could be born on dates 10 years apart. If you have old letters, documents, Bible, passport, etc. you'll often find clues there. And yes, people did switch first and middle names - it wasn't done through the court - they just changed them because they didn't like their first name or, who knows, they had some other reason. I'm not saying the data I found is your John, but the dates match. I checked Lapua because a previous message found Wigg/Vigg in Lapua. I didn't find it anywhere else.

I checked other parishes and found these:
Sakkola parish, Petajärvi village: Johan born 10 Sep 1875 to David Andersson Lampuu and Helena Mårtensdotter Loponen.

Viborg, Rapatti village. Johan b. 10 Sep 1875 to Anders Viralainan and Anna Montonen.

Kerimäki parish, Simonola Village, Anders Johan b. 10 Oct 1876 to Anders Turdinen and Maria Ulrika Tikkanen.

Lapua, b. 1876, Johan Viktor to Gustaf Gustafsson Leskilä and Maria.

Tohmajärvi, Vartsilä village: Toivo Johan born 10 Oct 1876 to Matti Karvonen and Anna Karolina Nissinen.

Becky Siebold
09-04-10, 02:01
What year were John and Selma married? Did John live in Michigan ever since in came to the U.S.?

09-04-10, 04:38
Hi Becky, I dont know what year they were married. As I stated earlier John came to the US in 1892 via Germany to Ellis Island and Selma came to the US via Canada. She sailed into Canada when she was nineteen in 1898. Their first child Selma was born in 27.04.1900 in Wakefield MI. They had several other children after that. So I have to asume they were married sometime I think in 1899. That is my best assumption.

Becky Siebold
09-04-10, 06:18
I was curious because I have a John Wiiri in my tree that states he was born in 1877. When he came to the U.S. he took the name Johnson. Like that's a real easy name to follow...John Johnson. I have been able to find him in Chicago until 1915, but then after that there are too many John Johnsons to narrow it down. I was hoping (I know it was a long shot:rolleyes: ) that maybe your John and my John were the same, that it was just a matter of a misspelling.

09-04-10, 18:38
Sorry Becky. My John was never a Johnson.

Karen Norwillo
10-04-10, 21:24
On Search Pilot, Family Search LDS, I found a marriage for a daughter of John and Selma. They have the surname spelled Wiikre, mistakenly have her from Austria, but father John Wiikre and mother Selma Napola This was in Paynesville, MI. I'll attach the image.