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Allan Kaupinen
18-03-10, 08:35
Oscar Matts'son Kotilainen: (Son of Matti Henriks'son Kotilainen) and (Great Uncle of Allan George Kaupinen)


2.)Born in Kivijarvi, Finland.

3.)May have lived in the Negaunee, Michigan area, Ashtabula, Ohio area, and /or may have lived in Montana, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and British Columbia.

4.)I believe he died 1-1-1906 (not verified).

5.)He may have used the last name/changed his last name to Kotila or Kotilla.

5.)This is the extent of information developed on Oscar Matts'son Kotilainen to date. I would welcome any available information other researchers have developed.

Thank you for your assistance.

Posted by: Allan George Kaupinen, March 18, 2010

Posted from: Alexandria, Virginia (USA)

Allan Kaupinen
19-03-10, 06:31
Matti Henriksson Kotilainen was born 4-1-1847, in Finland.

Oskar Mattsson, Kaarle (Kalle) Heikki (Henrik), and Rosa Alina(Kotilainen)Kauppinen/Wakkila (my grandmother) were children of Matti Henriksson Kotilainen and his wife, Kaisa Mantyniemi: born 11-21-1846. They had a total of seven children. Alma Maria, Selma Sofia, Olga Paulina, and Hilda Emilia were the names of their other four children.

I have been unable to determine when and where Oskar Mattsson Kotilainen died, and where he is buried. I would appreciate assistance that would help me solve this family mystery.

Thank you for your help!

Regards, Allan George Kaupinen, March 19, 2010

Allan Kaupinen
19-03-10, 07:00
Here follows the list of the seven (7) children of Matti Henriksson and Kaisa (Mantyniemi) Kotilainen:
1. Alma Maria Kotilainen
2. Oscar Mattsson Kotilainen
3. Kaarle Heikki Kotilainen
4. Rosa Alina Kotilainen (My Grandmother)
5. Selma Sofia Kotilainen
6. Olga Pauliina Kotilainen
7. Hilda Emilia Kotilainen

I believe all the children were born in Kivijarvi, Finland.

Oscar Mattsson Kotilainen's younger brother, Kaarle Heikki Kotilainen, changed his last name to Kotila. It is possible that Oscar Mattsson Kotilainen, may have changed his name to Kotila, Kotilla, or maybe even Katila, Kutila, or Kotial. Oscar Mattsson Kotilainen was born December 22, 1870, in Kivijarvi, Finland. I have been working on trying to find out where Oscar died and is buried.

Please let me know if any information is available that may be of assistance in deternining Oscar's place of death and burial site. Thank you for your generous efforts to help solve the family "Oscar Mystery".

Regards, Allan George Kaupinen

Posted: March 19, 2010

21-03-10, 20:13
I found the two deaths that had the informant as Oscar Kotilainen. One the wife of Oscar Kotilainen and the other the daughter.

Allan Kaupinen
23-03-10, 06:32
To: budjohnson

Thank you for your quick response!

I called the City of Hancock and learned that a John Oscar Kotilainen died on March 30, 1907. Elsa Alena Kotilainen died on October 11, 1907. Lydia Kotilainen died on March 30, 1907. In addition Aline Kotilainen died on March 18, 1924. The City of Hancock had no other information on individuals with the surname of Kotilainen The records are not computerized, so there could be limits on the information obtained because a hand search was required to obtain the information I have recorded here.

The Kotilainens mentioned may have been relatives of mine, but more research will be required in order to confirm that fact.

You can find more information about my family that I posted under the Michigan Genealogy Forum (Karl Henry Kotila was the name of my great uncle, and he lived and is buried in Nagaunee).

Any thoughts or suggestions you may have would be appreciated.

Thanks, and, Regards, Allan George Kaupinen

Date: March 23, 2010

Allan Kaupinen
23-03-10, 07:07
I am doing research on the Kotilainen family. My grandmother, Rosa Alina (Kotilainen) Kauppinen/Wakkila, was the younger sister of Kaarle (Kalle) Heikki Kotilainen. Her son, Yrjo Oskari (George Oscar) Kauppinen/Kaupinen (born June 19, 1903, in Cleveland, Ohio) was my father. Here is a summary of research results accomplished to date:

1.) Kaarle (Kalle) Heikki Kotilainen was born in Kivijarvi, Finland on 10/11/18. I believe he came to the United States on 6/27/1896, and lived in, and raised his family in, Negaunee, Michigan. He was know in the family as "Henry".
He "Americanized" his name to Karl Henry Kotila.

2.) Emma Sohvia (his wife) was born 6/1/1877, I believe in Finland.

3.) Tyyne Meliita (daughter) was born 12/15/1896, in Negaunee, Michigan.

4.) Nelma (daughter) was born in Negaunee, Michigan.

5.) There were other children in the family who passed away as infants, and are buried in the family burial plot at the Negaunee Cemetery.

6.) Oscar Matts' son Kotilainen was the older brother of "Henry". He was born in Kivijarvi, Finland on 12/22/1870. I believe he may have lived in Michigan, Ashtabula, Ohio, and/or Pensylvania, Montana, British Columbia, and North Dakota, but we have not as yet obtained any other information on Oscar to confirm this. We remain unaware of his date of death, and his place of burial. We would appreciate any information that would help solve the "Oscar Mystery".

Regards, Allan George Kaupinen (March 23, 2010)

Posted from: Alexandria, Virginia (USA)

Allan Kaupinen
23-03-10, 07:20
Nelma E. Kotila, daughter of Karl Henry and Emma Kotila, was born in Negaunee, Michigan. I believe she was born in 1906, but do not have an exact date of birth. Her date of death was 2/13/1983. She married, George R. Preston (Date of Birth: Most likely 1901, but I do not have an exact date of birth, Date of Death: 9/21/1968). They had a son, Donald R. Preston, who was killed in action during the Korean War (6/27/1952). His date of burial: 9/18/1952. I do not have an exact birth date. They are all buried at the Negaunee Cemetery.

Posted by: Allan George Kaupinen

Date posted: March 23, 2010

Posted from: Alexandria, Virginia (USA)

Karen Norwillo
23-03-10, 20:05
From the MI Death Records on Ancestry,
Nelma K Preston born 21 Mar 1905 and died 13 Feb 1983 in Ishpeming, Marquette, MI. Usual res. Negaunee.
Don R Preston born 22 Nov 1929 and died 27 June 1952 Korea.
George R Preston born 4 Oct 1900 in Finland and died Sept 1968 Negaunee, Marquette, MI. Couldn't be original spelling if born Finland.
In 1930, the Preston family was in Chicago.

Allan Kaupinen
24-03-10, 07:47
To: Karen Norwillo

Thank you, Karen, for the quick response, and for the valuable information, provided. I will update my records accordingly.

I still have not been able to determine the date and place of death, and burial site, for Oscar Mattsson Kotilainen. I, and other researchers, have worked on the "Oscar Mystery" for over three years to no avail. Should you have any thoughts on this perplexing mystery, please let me know. I expect that we will figure out what happened to Oscar, I just wish we could get the answer soon!

Thank you very much for your help.

Regards, Allan George Kaupinen, March 24, 2010, Alexandria, Virginia (USA)

Karen Norwillo
24-03-10, 17:07
Here are the birth records of Kalle Henrik and Oskar Kotilainen. Also the WWI Draft Card of Henry Kotila. The birth dates differ??? So far no luck with Oscar. Lots of hits, but none that match the correct DOB. Of course maybe that doesn't mean much as Henry's is incorrect on his draft registration.

Karen Norwillo
24-03-10, 18:22
Also found all other birth records except Rosa Alina. Some pages are missing and some are too dark to read. There are 2 entries for a Selma Sofia, 1875 and 1878. Maybe the first one died. I'll have to do in more posts.

Karen Norwillo
24-03-10, 18:25
More births

Karen Norwillo
24-03-10, 20:34
Here's Rosa's birth. She was born in 1875, so the first Selma Sofia must not be the correct one.