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18-03-10, 20:44
Unfortunately, I have my entire ged at Ancestry. But sometimes I'd like to email a gedfile to someone. I know how to export the tree from Ancestry but I don't have a program I like for ged files. I don't like PAF, legacy or my Heritage.
Does anyone have an idea for a program that can support, in some cases, up to 10 generations?
Is Family tree builder my best option?
Jennifer in Tallahassee

June Pelo
18-03-10, 21:10
There is no one program that is better than the others. As far as I know all genealogy programs create and export GedComs and should be able to support many more than 10 generations. I have exported 30 generations from my program. Go to google and search for genealogy programs. Many of them have online demos you can try. I think it depends on what you expect from a program as well as the appearance and how reports are displayed.

18-03-10, 22:09
I have a listing of many genealogy programs here (http://finlander.genealogia.fi/sfhswiki/index.php/Category:Genealogy_software). So far I haven't seen one that wasn't able to handle all the needed generations.


K-G Molander
18-03-10, 23:55
Check this link:


19-03-10, 16:11
Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll look into many of them today:)

21-04-10, 20:33
Here is L Kesslers site listing most of the available programs, with user reviews.



30-05-10, 17:04
Hello all
Anyone who know about genealogy software for Linux ?:) Thx in advance

June Pelo
30-05-10, 17:31

I have seen many ads for Gramps - see this website:


30-05-10, 17:51
Thank you ,June !

22-07-10, 16:23
I have been using "Gramps" for some time with Ubuntu. I've never had a problem with it. There are other programs but none offer all of the features included in "Gramps".

26-07-10, 20:48
Thank you all ! I find it and downloaded it.Great .Thanks again,

28-07-10, 17:04
I'm also looking for some personal recommendations for a free gedcom program. All of my information is currently in ancestry.com and I'm looking for a separate program that will allow me to print different parts of my tree for different family members. Any suggestions would be great.

Thank you.

29-07-10, 13:23
As June once wrote here - there is no "best genealogy program". There might be a "best for me" or "best according to nn", but everybody have different needs. When somebody declares that this and that has the best functionality - that is a very subjective opinion, especially since most of us haven't seriously and enough tested that many different applications.

That said, the best for me is at the moment Reunion (Mac). I have tested a copy of Family Tree Maker (Win), I have bought and used Heredis (Mac). I have downloaded, tested and compared several others but since none have given me anything on top of what Reunion's functionality I have skipped them. Maybe I will find a better app at some point...

Reunion is also intersting since I can take a subset of the whole database off-line into my iPhone and bring it along to a family reunion. This I did on Tuesday and it was very handy. The important portion of my genealogy was in my pocket all the time, searchable and browsable - with possibilities to add information that could be syncronized with the database when back home.


03-08-10, 05:09
I have used Family Tree Maker ver11 since 2003 and have been extremely pleased. Recently I bought a new laptop so I bought both Legacy Deluxe and Family Tree Maker 2010 for Windows 7. The new programs offer different tools and options and I haven't yet decided if one is better than the other. What I have noticed is that the files and various outputs generated by these programs are often much larger than my old FTMver11. Since I have a very large database these larger files are difficult to compress / zip to a size suitable for email attachments. No real winner in my mind so far.

June Pelo
04-08-10, 21:42

I've been using Roots Magic for many years. They have come out with version 4 which has Roots Magic To Go - you can copy the program to a removable drive; copy data to and from a removable drive, such as a flash drive. I find that helpful when I take my flash drive north when I visit my family where they keep a copy of my genealogy data for safe keeping.

Karen Norwillo
05-08-10, 02:47
I, too, have been using Roots Magic. I found it so easy to work with.