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25-03-10, 15:23
A person posted an inquiry on another site asking for information on Johan Alin born 1858, and, Ida Emelia Grönman born 26 March 1865. They had four children before coming to America, Ida Emilie, 1884, Johan Albin, 1887, Axel, 1889, and Anna Eleonora,1890. Ida's home parish was listed as Rauma, she had two siblings, Kaisa and Esa. Johan had a brother Henrk who took the surname Valtonen. I have looked at HisKi, and every other place I know of, without success. I'm hoping that one of you can be of some help.

Karen Norwillo
25-03-10, 19:22
Here's an Alin family in 1900 Proctor, Rutland, VT. Ida is a widow with 5 children. John must have died about 3 years earlier. Poctor was known for it's granite quarries. I also found a marriage for one of the daughters, Selma Marie and a death for Anna. On Emigant Institute, Johan Alin left Finland in 1892 with wife Ida and two children, Ida and Anna, no sons.

Karen Norwillo
25-03-10, 21:03
In 1910, two of the children are boarders in two different homes.Selma is 15 and Minnie is 14. I didn't find the others. No Leslie or Bessie. I found a Family Tree for Anna Eleonora based on the Hinckley name. No info on her except for birth and death. She was born 11 Jul 1890 and died 19 Jan 1967. She is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Rutland, VT along with several of her children.
Howard Eugene Hinckley 26 Jul 1914-4 Feb 1991 in Burlington, VT. Ruth Ann Hinckley 1921-1971, Alene Clara Hinckley Brown 1912-1978. Husband Harry Clarence Hinckley 4 Jul 1886 W. Rutland, VT-Nov 1969 Rutland, VT. I have a photo of her headstone. She had a total of 5 children, some living.

25-03-10, 21:24
Thank you for the information, but, what I neglected to say in my message, is that I have been looking for the parents of Ida and Johan, both of which I can not find in HisKi, or any place else. The person who wants this information is named Hinckley, and, he's from Vermont, and he also told me that he had seen the maiden name for Ida as being Kourman, like on the death certificate for her daughter Anna. That name didn't show up in the Finnish records either....So, I really appreciate your quick response, and, I'm sorry about not mentioning the most important part, who are the parents of Ida and Johan? By the way, are you from Crystal Falls, MI? I seem to remember trying to find someone for you in our local cemetery in Ishpeming, MI.

Karen Norwillo
25-03-10, 21:34
Yes, I'm originally from Crystal Falls, but live in PA. I think you may have been searching for my great-grandfather Larsson's brother for me. I'd been looking for his burial site.

26-03-10, 14:55
Hi Karen!
Yes, I remember now, but, I don't think that I was successful. Did you find where he was buried? By the way, the snow is almost gone here! This usually doesn't happen until April, but, I guess you being a transplanted Yooper would know that! :-) Have a good day!

Karen Norwillo
26-03-10, 15:33
Yes, I finally did. Lars Larson is buried in Lot 31 Blk. 29, Ishpeming Cemetery. I received this from Ishpeming Cemetery. The lot was originally bought by his son-in-law, William Perry Jr, who is also buried there. I don't know if there's a stone, I never found that out.

26-03-10, 17:14
Hello again,
When I get a chance I'll go to see if there's a stone with Lars Larson's name, I'll let you know what I find. Maybe that's why I couldn't locate his grave, because, at the time, I didn't know about his son - in - law William Perry Jr., I just wonder why didn't the sexton tell me that?