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June Pelo
25-03-10, 15:40
Can anyone find parents/ancestors for the following people:

Maria Mattsdotter Partanen, b. 17 or 18 March 1765, Pyhäjoki - I have
her mother's name Liisa Mattsdotter Muikkula, b. 1742, but not the father.

Juho Pehrsson Kangas/Modig/Cedergren, b. 1702, Ylivieska, who married
22 Feb 1760 in Ylivieska to:
Malin Juhosdotter Ängeslevä, b. 25 or 26 Dec 1703, Ylivieska. Who has
ancestry of their parents?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Tapio Rautio
25-03-10, 16:27
Hello June!


November 1 1763
Warg.k. Mats Andersson Partanen
med pigan Lisa Matsdr Muikkula

Kind regards


June Pelo
25-03-10, 20:22
Thanks, Tapio. I tried to find something about Matti Andersson Partanen's birth and parents, but nothing showed up. I assume his father was Antti Partanen, but that's all we know.

Tapio Rautio
26-03-10, 20:47
Hello June!

I have often had much help from Ilpo Kojolas site,
where he´s done a great job collecting soldiers and
estate inventory deeds from the Pyhäjoki region.


If one scrolls down to Partanen in this pdf-file it tells that both
Matti Antinpoika Partanen and his wife Lisa Matintytär drowned on
the same day 03.07.1766 in Pyhäjoki.



In this picture the left side, Lisa 23 years 6 months third from the bottom, Matti fourth, 26 years 1 month.



Matti Partanen on the bottom born june 1740, i can´t read what is written
after his name, here is some reading help needed!
The markings starts in 1762, the farm is Karjaluoto.



Here Matti is listed in Pohjankylä, Ylikijskilä b. june 1740 died 03.07.1766.


Hiski births in Tohmajärvi

B Ch Village Father Mother Child

4.6.1740 12.7.1740 Kutzunvara And. Pardain Carin Pustin Matts

I didn´t find any proof on FFHA in Tohmajärvi that this is the same Matts
as in Pyhäjoki, but it might be....?



Tapio Rautio
26-03-10, 20:52
Ok now i see, it means he is moving to Kiiskilä, not
where he came from...:(


June Pelo
26-03-10, 20:58
Thanks, Tapio. I'm trying to help a relative who doesn't have a computer to do his own searching.

Tapio Rautio
26-03-10, 21:05
Does it go to Oravainen in Kannus?



June Pelo
26-03-10, 22:55

Yes, I've gone back to Matti Oravainen, b. 1736 in Kannus married to Kaarina. That's all I can find.

Tapio Rautio
28-03-10, 14:22

Some hiski guessings.....

Kangas-Modig-Cedergren Johan Persson, could be this Johan?

Ylivieska - christened
11.5.1705 14.5.1705 Berthil Kangahan Walborg Mattzdr. Johan

Kangas Bertil Johansson 1675-1715 Ylivieska
marriage 27.03.1698 Ylivieska to
Cataja Walborg Mattzdr. 1659-04.01.1713 Ylivieska

Ängeslevä Malin Johansdr 23.12.1703 Ylivieska

Parents Ollila-Ängeslevä Johan Henriksson 1641-04.01.1713 Ylivieska
marriage 30.11.1697 Ylivieska to
Kippola Malin Matsdr 1654-12.09.1742 Ylivieska

I believe that Malin Kippola was married as a widow, even that hiski
doesn´t say so.

Her first husband would have been Ängeslevä Jaakko Matinpoika
1657-29.03.1697 Ylivieska, Jaakkos death is 8 months earlier to the
marriage of Malin and Johan Ollila.


Karen Norwillo
28-03-10, 16:35
Hiski has the marriage of Johan Pährsson Kangas and Malin Johansdr. Ängeslefwä on 17 Jan 1725 in Ylivieska. Here's the images from FFHA for Malin's birth and marriage.

June Pelo
28-03-10, 16:55
Karen and Tapio - thanks. Those sound promising and I'll pass them on to my cousin.

Karen Norwillo
28-03-10, 17:41
Under Ylivieska births, I found
26.11.1725 Malin, father Johan Kangas, mother Malin Johansdotter, she died very early.
1.1.1735 Johan, father Johan Modig, mother Malin Johansdr.
29.9.1736 Beata, father Johan Modig, mother Malin Johansdr.
11.2.1738 Matthias, father Johan Modig, mother Malin Johansdotter
28.4 1745 Elisabeth, father Sold. Johan Cedergren, mother Malin Johansdr.

June Pelo
28-03-10, 18:43
Thanks, Karen. I was just copying all the info. to send to my cousin.

Karen Norwillo
28-03-10, 20:19
Just a thought, based on name of third child, I found a 1700 birth in Ylivieska for a Johan, born 21.12.1700 to Peer Autio and Beata Johansdotter;. I know it was custom to name after parents. First child named Malin, which was Malin's mother and third child named Beata, which is this Johan's mother's name. Here's Johan and Malin in Ylivieska in 1740-1751 under Soldiers.

June Pelo
28-03-10, 21:53
Thanks, again, Karen. You have good eyes to decipher that handwriting!!