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26-03-10, 02:51
I have Matt Mattsson Ollikkala d. 7.6.1781. I do not remember where I found this information because as I have said before I was not good about putting down that information when I started my genealogy work.

In the FFHA I have found a Matt d.7.6.1781 in Ollikkala but I can not read the word after his name.

Ahtari kuolleet 1771-1798 kuva 5

Is this possibly the same person?


26-03-10, 06:05
Do you mean this:

Ollikala (or Ollckola) Mats begrafs d: 7 Junii utan sång

Ollikala Mats buried 7 June without song (=singing)

If that tells you nothing, there were services you could buy from the church to decorate the occasion, one of then was having the cantor to sing or lead singing at the grave. I have not seen this mentioned in the burial log, these things were usually taken down in church bookkeeping, but it is the only explanation I can think of. The greatest and most expensive honor was of course to be buried underneath the church floor, but it was forbidden around 1770.

26-03-10, 22:21
That's a little un-nerving. But that's what we sometimes do here and now, even if it's just a little something for the priest. Fascinating reading about the old ways Eeva.

BTW, I have Matti Olilkala also with those dates.