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Kay Voth
28-03-10, 19:20
I am wondering if there is any place to find names of solders from 1856-1857 or around that time from Kronoby? I know my great grandfather, Leander Grann was a Captain I believe someone told...

28-03-10, 20:02
Hi Kay,
Gunnar Damström gave me this address and fax number below to order military records from the archives in Helsinki.
I received great results, but cost about 54 euros at that time which was about $44. US.

"You could fax your inquiry to the War Archives in Helsinki (in English) Krigsarkivet - Sota-arkisto,Verkstadsgatan 6 - Työpajankatu 6, 00580 Helsingfors
Customer service, fax nr +358 9 1812 6512. Ratsuväenarkistot (cavalry archives)."
If you type in the SEARCH box on the top of this forums site "military records" scroll down the page and you will see my post showing what they sent me. I was very pleased with the results. My post is titled "Finnish Army".

Best Regards,

28-03-10, 21:16
Today, 54 Euros would be closer to USD $ 73.00.

28-03-10, 21:46
Hi Ilmari,
I know by the time I got my phone bill for faxing the query to Helsinki and going to my bank to make the payment (can't remember how that worked, and for some reason they didn't take a credit card??? my bank had to do the transfer) anyway, it was closer to $90.00 or so when all was said and done. I guess it all depends on how valuable the info. is to you! :D


Karen Norwillo
29-03-10, 16:12
I remember doing a bank transfer for a payment to Finland a few years ago and it cost me an extra $25 for the transaction.

29-03-10, 16:22
Hi Karen,
Yes, I believe that bank transfer was part of the charges that brought the total to $90. When I ordered that military record I didn't realize that when everything was paid for it was actually quite expensive but I was doing it for my mom's sister's husband, and he was so excited to get those papers on his grandfather that I didn't have the heart to tell him how much it cost me. I just kept smiling!!!! :D I guess I won't do that again! (probably not even for my own ancestors). Oh well, I made someone happy, and that is what life is all about for me! ;) Live and learn!


Karen Norwillo
29-03-10, 21:35
Actually, the expense from Finland and Sweden has been minor compared to Lithuania. In researching my husband's side it cost me over $400 and considerable time to get anything. The churches there frown on releasing anything and it's all hand searches, no computerized records.

Plain Ann
30-03-10, 19:13
You might check to see if you can pay by credit or debit card, rather than money transfers.

When I lived in Europe, the bank charges and the exchange rate were cheaper, when I made purchases that way. If things haven't changed, it might still be cheaper.