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30-03-10, 16:57
Does anyone have further information on an Isak Johansson Olli, born 8.2.1834 Muonio to Johan Samuelsson Kaasko-Olli and Klara Johansdotter Olli? I have found his birth in Muonio, marriage in Turtola 1.5.1864 Turtola to Anna Maria Johansdotter Tirroniemi and the rippikirja for the years 1877-1881 Turtola for this family which I am attaching. I am looking to see if it was possible for him to have remarried to a Sofia Pekantytär Juvani b.3.5.1851 Ylitornio, Kuivakangas and married to an Isak Juhonpoikä Olli 31.10.1886.
I cannot find a death for Anna Maria Johansdotter Tirroniemi to see if she died, and then Isak married again to this Sofia Pekantytä Tuomi-Matti, Juvani. I see the name Matti on the rippikirja, but not Sofia's...



Link to this event [ 5073706 ]
Born / Christened 8.2.1834 12.2.1834
Village / Farm
Father B: Joh: Sam:son Olli
Mother Clara Johansdr.
Child Isaac
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30-03-10, 17:27
Can anyone tell me what "ndp.conf." means after the first 4 birth of these children? and obviously, Anna Maria Johansdotter's name was Kangas, then Tirroniemi, as her birth name below was Kangas.


Turtola - christened

* Father's first name: JOH => Johan, Johss:, Johr:
* Father's patronymic: HEN => Henriks, Henr:Henrss:, Henss:dr, Henr: Johss:, Henr: Henrss:
* Mother's first name: CAISA => Kaisa

Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child
*28.9.1830 14.12.1830 Turtola Backst:k: Joh: Henricss: Kangas Caisa Greta Johsdr 24 Eva Carolina ndp.conf.
*20.12.1832 1.1.1833 Turtola Backst:k: Joh: Henrss: Kangas Greta Caisa Joh:dr 26 Maria Helena ndp.conf.
*29.7.1834 19.12.1834 Turtola Backst:k: Joh: Henricss: Kangas Caisa Greta Johsdr 28 Johan Frerik ndp.conf.
*25.8.1837 10.12.1837 Turtola Bd: Joh: Petter Henricss: Langosaari Caisa Andersdr 36 Ella Sophia ndp.conf.
*25.2.1837 26.3.1837 Turtola Backst:k: Joh: Henrss: Kangas Caisa Greta Johsdr 31 Anna Maria
*11.6.1838 21.7.1838 Turtola Backst:hj: Joh: Henrss: Kangas Cajsa Greta Johsdr 32 Cajsa Greta
*17.11.1841 14.12.1841 Turtola Backst:k: Joh: Henrss: Kangas Caisa Greta Johsdr 35 Helena
*13.12.1847 28.2.1847 Turtola Nybygg: Joh: Henrss: Kangas (ifr: Sieppijärvi) Caisa Gretha Johsdr Rova 40 Sofia Henrika

30-03-10, 18:17
I just received a response from Tormka on Suku Forum about Isak Johansson Olli.

" Vs: Sofia Pekantytär Juvani's spouse Isak Johansson Olli
Isak Johansson Olli, b. 7.8.1851 in Ylitornio Portimojärvi village, d. 27.1.1931 in Ylitornio Portimojärvi. Farmer in Olli farm (earlier Klara.)
Father Johan Fredrikinpoika Olli (earlier Korpi), b. 1817 in Tengeliö village, d. 30.11.1891 , mother Anna Greta Ylirahtu b. 1813, d. 15.11.1903.

Isak Johansson Olli's spouse Sofia Pekantytär Juvani (from Ylitornio Kuivakangas village, Juvani farm), b. 3.5.1851, d. 1.6.1945.

Isak and Sofia had daughter Selma Sofia, spouse Mauno Björkman, they were farmers in Olli farm after Selma's parents.

Denise :D

Tapio Rautio
30-03-10, 19:10
"Can anyone tell me what "ndp.conf." means "

Hi Denise!

The internet translators doesn´t seem to work on this one.

ndp. is from the swedish word; nöd-dop, christening in a emergency,
that will say on the moment after birth, without a priest.

This is what i think it means, but im not sure of it?


30-03-10, 19:19
Hi Tapio,
Thank-you. Google translate didn't work on this one. :D I appreciate it. Then these first few children must have died. I'll have to check that out.

Best Regards,

Tapio Rautio
30-03-10, 20:29

i wonder myself, did the ndp. comment, always
mean, that the child died?

I hope that it isn´t so....


Jaska Sarell
30-03-10, 21:43
Almost the same question in another thread (http://finlander.genealogia.fi/showthread.php?t=6665) recently.
Different abbreviation, but same meaning here.

:) Jaska

June Pelo
31-03-10, 01:06
Here's an article that describes some of the birth and baptismal practices in olden times in Finland.

Tapio Rautio
31-03-10, 07:32
June and Jaska,



31-03-10, 15:44
Hi Tapio, Jaska, and June,
Thank-you for your replies. Very helpful!

Happy Easter,
Denise :D

Karen Norwillo
31-03-10, 18:53
Thanks, June, very interesting article. I've noticed that almost all of my ancestors from Oulu and Lappi have this abbreviation after the birth names. And I know alot of them did not die at birth. I'm wondering if perhaps this was due to the long distances to the church, so it was done at home until the priest or pastor could do it. I believe this was called provisional baptism.

June Pelo
31-03-10, 19:31
Under the Ecclesiastic Law of 1686 babies had to be christened when they were no older than 8 days. Children were usually baptized in church on a Sunday. But in the latter half of the 17th century home or parsonage baptisms were becoming common in some congregations. In Satakunta babies were baptized on the first or second day. In North Ostrobothnia and Lapland they were christened later due to the long distances that had to be traveled. An unbaptized child had to be protected and could never be left alone.

I found this website that says by 1800s nöddop had become the accepted way of baptism.