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03-04-10, 22:00
With the help of some very nice ladies I was able to obtain the name of my great great grandparents names.

I need help with Anna Lisa though. She was born 14.03.1842, I think possibly in Pihtipudas. I know that the records were destroyed in the 1800's but I have seen her name in some Pihtipudas census records along with her husband Anders Johanss. Kumpulainen.

They had three children Vihtori, Otto, and Hilda.

If anyone could help with Anna Lisa I would really appreciate it.


06-04-10, 02:27
You can see folks from the Puranen and Kumpulainen families here:


Find, "VAASAN LÄÄNI" and click it.

Then, use "seuraavat" to advance to the next pages until you find "Pihtipudas".

Then you can search the pages for folks that signed the 1899 Petition to the Tsar.

You will find some interesting names on pages 4,5,6,8,12,13 and the final page 14.


Pihtipudas 1899-1899

Maybe some will stand out to you.

p.s. be sure to check "both sides" of the page images because sometimes there is only one column on one page and sometimes two columns on two pages.

Originally posted by another forum member:

The Great Petition in 1899 522 931 signatures were collected in eleven days in early March 1899 in a petition against the February Manifest by emperor Nikolai II.

The delegation bringing the petition was not accepted audience to the emperor, and the name collection was returned to Helsinki and is kept in the National Archives.

This week they have digitized the petition pages ( link )

You may try to find relatives' names there.

1. Select the province (lääni), and you get list of parishes (Finnish names).
2. After selection click the link "Aineisto on talletettu digitaaliarkistoon" and you get the numbered list of the sections.

Sometimes the names seem to be written by one member of the family or maybe someone else, but some seem to be authentic.

I noticed many many of my family names / signatures here. Excellent stuff.

08-04-10, 19:04
Thanks Ilmari. I looked at the records, its amazing to me to see so many names that could possible related but not be able to make the connection. The Kumpulainen name has been very hard to research and the information I do have is only because I had help. As far as Anna Lisa Puranen I dont know anything about her so that has been difficult as well. I do appreciate your time in helping me.

Karen Norwillo
09-04-10, 15:39
In looking at the Pihtipudas records on FFHA, I found no Puranen, but there are Puurunen. I did not see an Anna Lisa.