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07-04-10, 01:35
I just tried to look something up on SSHY and found that I could not get on the site, something about server being busy, etc. Anyway, I am looking for any information about a Mickel Nilsson Fräki born in Övre Vojakkala (nothing else is known about him) married to NN Olofsdotter Lovikka. Her parents were Olof Nilsson Lovikka b. 1686 Lovikka, Pajala and Margareta Andersdotter. I'm guessing this NN daughter would have been born between the years 1710-1725 so they may have been married in about 1730-1750. I am interested in any children this NN Olofsdotter Lovikka and Mickel Nilsson Fräki may have had. I am finding references everywhere about them online with google, but no further information to be had. I know this one is a longshot! :( This one will probably require someone who can read the old church book records...Any information on Mickel Nilsson Fräki's parents, or anything, would be greatly appreciated!

Thank-you, Denise

P.S. Just was able to get on SSHY and found the records don't go back that far for Ylitornio...:((((

07-04-10, 01:57
Is Lapland available on this site? http://digi.narc.fi/digi/dosearch.ka?atun=230588.KA
I have a hard time finding anything on this site...