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12-04-10, 20:37
Spelman, Erik Anders Lenasson.
Farmer in Finland.
Born 24/4 1892 in Ö:Yttermark Närpes Finland.
Moved 1926 to Amerika.
Biography It is unknown which family name he used in the United States.
He probably lived in 1930s, in the United States.

Spelman, Lena Greta Eriksdotter.
Born 7/10 1863 in Ö:Yttermark Närpes.
Died 1/1 1933 in Ö:Yttermark Närpes.

Married to

Stenbäck (Risås), Anna Olivia Katl-Johansdotter.
Born 6/9 1888 in Ö:Yttermark.
Died 2/3 1928 in Ö:Yttermark.

Father: Stenbäck (Risås), Karl Johan Mickelsson.
Born 23/10 1851.
Mother: Uljens, Vilhelmina Karlsdotter.
Born 18/9 1855 in Ö:Yttermark Närpes.

Spelmans, Erik Efer.
Spelmans, Levi.
Spelmans, Anni Olivia.