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12-04-10, 22:39
Hi, a while ago I sent a request about where to go for finding my grandmothers birht information and got some tips from you, thank you!
Now I have a couple a requests again regarding her and my other g-g-grandmother/father.

My grandmothers name was Liisa Ilona Bertantytär Nieminen (I assume her mother was Berta?) born 10/10-1922 Hartola, she passed away 3/2- 1948. I got no info about her parents, siblings e t c. Is it possible for someone to look that up for me?

My other g-g-greatgrandparents were;
George Alexander Kemppainen, B 27/9-1897- D february 1935, I guess he stayed in Oulu. I'm interested of his parents, siblings and so on.

G-g-greatmother was Anna Emilia Siklander (maiden name)-Kemppainen (as married), B 1/3-1905, Died 28/11-1928 in Oregon, USA. Her parents names, siblings?
I know she went to USA and it says from the record from Ellis Island that her last recidence in Finland was "Auhyoki", whitch town could that be? Propably misspelled? Think they came from area around Oulu but not sure.
Any kind of info appreciates! Thanks!